Which park is best when crowds are high?

I’m in the process of planning a February trip (week of President’s Day/Disney Princess Half Marathon). One day of my trip all parks are at a 8-10 crowd level. Which is the best park to enjoy when crowds are high? I am thinking AK, but would like to hear your thoughts…


Epcot. Unless it’s during F&W and is a weekend. There is more space to spread out.

AK for some reason feels more crowded to me. I think it maybe the size of the pathways?

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Personally, I vote MK as there is more to do! Epcot would be my second choice because it feels bigger with world showcase.


It is not F&W but it is a weekend…

There will be that Arts festival then.

I would actually say AK. There are fewer attractions so you can still get everything done in a day even if it is busy. Also there is plenty of room to spread out.

Second choice would be MK just since there is so much to do there, even if you don’t make it on a headliner.

Third would be HS. Only headliners so you have no choice but to wait in a long line - better to choose a day with lighter crowds.

I would not choose Epcot unless you aren’t planning to ride rides - Soarin’, Test Track, and FEA would be mobbed. It would be a good day to tour World Showcase and maybe hit up Future World in the evening.

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I like EP because is biggest and so many things don’t require lines.

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I agree with MK, as it has more things for people to do. Epcot is big yes, but not World Showcase. The path around the lake is narrow, easily feels packed (even with relatively low crowds).

ETA: agree with all that @Jeff_AZ stated above :point_up: MK and/or AK the best, worst HS followed by Epcot WS in the afternoon.

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Thanks everyone! I’ve only gone in September in the past (with really low crowds) but we are going to try for cooler weather this time and brave the masses.

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True story on that. I would keep an eye on opening time for EP. It was very against my usual EP habits, but with the 11AM opening, I recently entered via IG and did FEA with WS first - enjoying snacks and such for lunch. Then headed to FW. It worked out really nicely because most of the crowd tends to start in FW even though they are currently opening at the same time.


I believe you. I need to make Epcot a priority, not an afterthought


++ @Alewis678 … F&W + Weekend = Large Crowd in World Showcase

That’s what I was saying. I would choose Epcot, unless it’s F&W and a weekend.