Which park for FPP on a split day?

We are doing a 1/2 day each AK/HS on the same day. Was going to go at RD to AK and then use FPP at HS the second half. With Pandora opening is that still a good plan? Would love to hear your opinions?

How many days is your trip? Is this your only option?

This is the graduation trip for DD17 who has on her bucket list 4parks/1day which messes up splitting that day. We have EP 1 day, MK 2 days ,Ak/HS one day, and then 4park/one day. Trying to convince her to give AK a full day.

You have park hoppers right? I would do MK in the morning without FPs and then AK with FPs. I would do the same thing with HS, except I would start with HS and book FPs and plan MK for the night with additional FPs.


Normally, I’d go with the FPs for Hollywood because the wait times for the top tier rides are always long, but nobody knows how Pandora is going to affect the crowds, so I would get the FPs for AK. There isn’t an easy answer for this. I can say that you can always get on Star Tours without a FP and Rockin’ is usually not a long wait in the evenings. Toy Story Mania always has a long wait no matter what. AK without Pandora being a fact is usually reasonable for wait times without Fast Passes in the mornings and evenings, but Pandora throws all of the predictions off.

With the 3rd track TSMM wait has been pretty low. I think I timed it at 9 minutes at rope drop. You most likely could leave there and not wait long for ToT but I cannot see how RnR would fit into that. I remember when you used to be able to get a ride or two at rope drop and the “good old days” when we would ride it over and over at night- but I think I have been able to do stand by twice in the last five years?

Is it just the two of you? My sister and I just did this, AK in the morning with FPP and HS at night, and we were able to get additional FPP at HS no problem. As soon as I scanned my last one at AK, I just looked for what I could get at HS and we got RNR,then got ToT after that, then TSMM. Keep refreshing!

What attractions would you FastPass at either park? That might make the answer clearer.