Which park for a 1/2 day?

Hello All!
We have an 8 day trip planned. 4-18yr+, 2-Pre-teen. We plan to drive, with final arrival at Art of Animation by 11am-Noon. I, originally, had thought AK first 1/2 day, then 2 days at each park, finishing with AK the last 1/2 day. We need to leave around 2-3pm the last day. As I’m trying to squeeze as many rides as possible, I am wondering if I should change.
Currently, I have a day of EP with as many rides as possible with repeats, and another day of EP WS with a few rides. I have the first 1/2 day AK and the last 1/2 day AK.
Should I switch and do WS the last 1/2 day, making AK 1 full and 1/2 day? What are your thoughts?

Keep in mind that WS does not open until 11am.


What dates or time of year? Parties and festivals could affect how you divide up your time.

I forgot about the opening time…What about WS on the first 1/2 day?

We have July currently, but May 2021 is our 2nd plan.

May would be good and garden so I’d want more Epcot time.

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AK the last half day makes sense because you should be able to do FPs for FOP, Kilimanjaro safari, and Everest. You could easily do most that park that day with a good touring plan and those FPs

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