Which park day do I choose?!

We are going for 4 days mid May (14-17 are our park days.

Here’s what we have:
Sat. 5/14 - HS (CL5)
Sun. 5/15 - MK (CL4)
Mon. 5/16 - EP (CL4), utilizing extra magic hours for deluxe at night
Tues. 5/17 - AK (CL4)

Sunday, MK closes at 4:30. Right now, we’ve chosen this MK day because we feel like the crowds might be even lower that day due to the short hours and our MK “must do” list is not huge. 3 boys - all love SW, so HS is really our biggest day and the park we love the most.

Would you switch the MK & AK day or keep the short MK day? We actually leave Disney Tuesday night but don’t have a set time we have to leave - probably about 7PM or so.

When I plug in the things we want to do (picture attached), TP is showing that we would finish everything by 5:29PM. This isn’t taking into account the ILL for 7 Dwarfs or using any Genie+. So I feel like it’s feasible?! Am I being overly optimistic?

I already have Dining set for these days but could try to get Tusker House for Sunday instead (that’s our 1 character dining).

We want to experience MK, but were also looking forward to a night at the resort (Yacht Club) that Sunday evening.

I think it’s pretty reasonable. I am planning on MK that Sunday too for exactly those reasons. I won’t ride Space or 7DMT, but I plan on targeting JC, BTMRR, and Splash as my lls that day.

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Do you plan trying for the earliest LL times? I know many people/videos talk about stacking for the afternoon, but obviously that’s not feasible that day. I’m thinking still need to choose JC at 7am? Try for an earlier return time - maybe 10/10:30ish if possible so we can tap in sooner and shoot for our next LL? I’m so lost on the strategy with genie+!

Have you read the first post in The Genie Thread! All things Genie+? It has great info and tips. My goal is to book JC first and hope the return time is some tume in the morning.


Have you thought about perhaps swapping the HS and AK days? I have read numerous places HS on a weekend can be tough- AK not so much. Just a thought.

AK is a CL7 for Saturday :pensive: so I Was thinking that wouldn’t be the best.

Tuesday of that week (strangely- odd/ never scheduled this way before) has extra extended evening hours at Magic Kingdom. If you don’t have a hopper-- you might want to consider MK on Tuesday and be able to use the extra evening hours. My dd25 and I will also be there that week and will use the Monday Epcot and Tuesday MK extra evening hours.