Which order should you do Fastpass+ and TPs?

So if you have a touring plan is it better to get your touring plan optimized and then get the Fastpasses to fit with the time that the computer has optimized for that attraction or better to get your Fastpasses and then just tell the computer here is the Fastpasses now work around it?

I had thought that I would just get my touring plans optimized to how I want them and look and see where the longest lines are at and then get the Fastpasses for those attractions? Is this a good way or am I not seeing it the way it should be done?

That is exactly the way that I do it but of course, I normally get my first set of FP+ for the most popular/hard get at each park. Hopefully others will chime in with other idea’s.
My FP+ are normally for TOT, TSM and Star Tours at HS; 7DMT, PP and A&E at MK; Kilimanjari Safari, Expedition Everest and Dinosaur at AK and Test Track at Epcot and 2 random and hope I can get one for Soring when I use the first 3 or I RD Soarin’ and use the FP+ after.

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Make an Optimized TP first, and then get the corresponding FPPs. See Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to do this.

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@spoerlx3 thanks glad I was on the right track!

@brklinck That is awesome!! Thank you so much for the link and the work you put into it! It answered all the questions I had. Bookmarked it for my 60 day FPP deadline!!