Which one Star War Movie for me to make sense of Galaxy Edge

I have never seen a single Star Wars movie and am unwilling to make the time commitment to watch all of them before my September trip. Nevertheless, I would like to be able to make sense of any characters I might encounter at HS Galaxy Edge. I would know Chewbaca if I saw him/her but have no idea who Kylie Ren is. What ONE Star Wars movie do you think I should see?


Force Awakens, I guess. Not sure it would make too much sense, but it’s the first one with Kylo Ren.


I would agree with that. If you only had one movie, it would be the Force Awakens.

You would get an introduction to Kylo Ren, General Hux, Poe Dameron, Finn (FN2187), and Rey. You would also get a high level understanding of the good -vs- evil, light -vs- dark, Resistance -vs- First Order portions of the land. There will be a few characters and creatures that you may not understand, but you will be fine; like Hondo Anaka, Dok Ondar, Porgs, Nien Nunb, Bekas Bek, etc…

You would also get to see the infamous “hunk of junk” - Millennium Falcon and meet Chewie.

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I think Rise Of Skywalker. Won’t understand much, but scenes resemble Galaxy’s Edge

+1 Force Awakens

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The reason its a difficult question … Galaxy’s Edge is a the outpost Ba’atu. Its not in ANY Star Wars movie, at all. Thats why it is such mixed reactions among Star Wars fans. Its cool, just no one has ever heard of it until now. Completely ignored 101 cool places in the actual movies they could have done, and just made up a new one. (i could rant on and on and on)

To answer the root of your question, the attraction Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy Edge and Smugglers Run will have some important characters from the (3) Disney movies, so for that reason, I would have to default and say Force Awakens, the first Disney owned Star Wars movie.


Before September?!?! Time to watch episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 at least!
If only one, I agree w force awakens.


If you reconsider I promise you’ll never regret it. If you do it in secret and surprise the rest of your travel party that would be epic. If you want to know how I know these things, let me know. :wink:

I’m still pretty new to this Star Wars “thing” but I agree with The Force Awakens if you’re dead set against getting them all in before your trip.

Oh and welcome! This is a great group of folks and they’ve got your back.


SWGE is supposed to be in the time in between episode eight and nine. Episode eight immediately follows from the end of seven and seven is the introduction to the current characters, the new bad guys and they meet folks from the original series.

If you watch only one for SWGE watch the Force Awakens

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The one where they rescue the whales.


Disney has announced they are removing any time line restrictions from SWGE and will have characters from anywhere in the timeline, visiting Ba’atu.

So far, that’s just DL, though, isn’t it?

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ROFL!!! I love it it.

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There was a thread/post about this a year or 2 ago, I think. @Jeff_AZ might recall. I will try to find it.

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If it helps at all…. I’ve seen all of them. And I couldn’t tell you much about what happens in any except maybe 4.
But I think 7 and 8 are more SWGE-ish.

Starting soon in DL, presumably it will follow at WDW, but no timescales given.

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I agree with everyone else and say The Force Awakens. Purely, because it most closely aligns with SWGE and the characters.

However, this is like asking me to pick my favorite child! They are all great for various reasons and I couldn’t just pick one to watch. September is far away so you still have time to get sucked in with the rest of us. :wink:

The Star Wars Holiday Special :sunglasses:

Stir whip stir whip whip whip stir


Good one.