Which more intense for a toddler? ... 7DMT or SDD

My daughter will be 4.5 next visit. Thus far she has refused to go on any coasters because they are “too fast” and “scary”, but she recently said she wants to try SDD. We will start with Barnstormer, but if she is still willing to try another, would SDD or 7DMT be the next step up? How do they compare?

I have been on 7DMT multiple times, but not SDD so I can’t compare myself.

7DMT would be the next step up. SDD is great fun, much more exciting than I thought it would be.


I have not been on SDD yet - but have heard people say that it was between 7DMT and BTMR. So I’d suggest Barnstormer, then 7DMT, then SDD.


7DMT is quite tame. SDD is much more adventurous.

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I found 7DMT to be less intense than Barnstormer. SDD is a moderate step up from either and I’d say it’s probaby BTMR next.


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SDD is deceptively fast (not fast by rollercoaster standards but by Disney standards). At 40mph, I was surprised how quick it felt. The launch could be a little intense for a kid who is new to rollercoasters. The order I took my son on the Disney coasters was:

Barnstormer (2yo)
7DMT (3.5 yo)
BTMRR (3.5yo)
Splash (3.5yo) (I know, not a coaster, but included anyway)
SDD (6yo)
Space (6yo)
RnR (6yo)

If Slinky was around when he was there at 3.5 I would have taken him on it, but now that I have ridden it, I think BTMRR is less “intense”.

7DMT is really short in terms of the amount of “rollercoaster” time.

Another factor that may help is that for kids, sharing a lap bar with an adult does not feel safe to them, since the bar doesn’t come close to their lap (unless the adult is seriously tiny, but that’s not me!). 7DMT and SDD have individual bars, so not problems there. Space is obviously individual bars, but my son is skinny and says he wished the bar came down lower!

But after all that, I don’t know your kid and what they can handle! Mine was a little scared each time he went on something bigger/faster, but I tell him every time rollercoasters are supposed to scare you a little, that’s what makes them fun!

I’d say go with 7DMT just because the mine scene is worth seeing and the ride is smooth and Barnstormer is just a pain for an adult to squeeze into the seats for.


Thanks for all the input. For some reason she wants to try SDD, but not 7DM, but after reading the replies I am going to try to talk her into 7DMT. She has only seen SDD on the Disney Christmas Special while 7DMT she has seen in person so she likely thinks SDD is more tame than it really is.

When we went last, my daughter was 5 and she was “nervous” for 7DMT the first AND second time. She is timid and usually afraid of “big rides”. She did get off laughing both times, but surprisingly she actually loved BTMR better than 7DMT. It was her favorite ride of the trip. So I guess my point is, you never really know how your kids are going to react. They are all different!

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I’ve thought about this. I don’t know the actual facts on speed, length, and drops, but my feeling is that BTMR seems faster and longer, but has less areas where you have the “drop” feeling. Maybe my daughter would like BTMR better.

It’s hard thing. She is afraid of the big rides, but I think she would like them if she tried. As a child I was terrified to try Space Mountain and didn’t ride until I was 12 … of course I loved it, but getting me to try it was a challenge. So I get it, but I’d rather her not wait until she is 12 to realize she loves the bigger rides!

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When DS was little, he liked BTMRR better because DH or I was in the same cart with him and could hang onto him throughout. In 7DMT (and now SDD), they have their own seat with their own restraint so I wasn’t able to hang onto him plastered to my side. I can hold his and or his leg, but it wasn’t the same.

He’s 10 now and his favorite ride is SDD and I would say it is more adventurous than 7DMT if for nothing else than it seems higher and slightly faster.

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My daughter was tall enough at 2 to ride 7DMT so we took her on. She held on me terrified the whole ride and then we she got back to the stroller she pointed at me and her Mom said “NO” then closed her canopy. Still wont ride it 2 years later. Loves Splash, wont even talk about riding 7DMT.

Better to wait until they are ready than mess it up for them.

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My 4 year old thought BTMRR and 7DMT were tamer than SDD. She did not like SDD.

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I asked our DD4 - she thinks SDD is the “biggest” ride, then BTMRR and 7DMT is the tamest, That said, BTMRR is her least favorite out of the three. She’s been riding BTMRR and 7DMT since just after she turned two.

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One other thought:

The cars on 7DMT rock back and forth, in a controlled fashion, while the SDD cars are stationary like most coaster trains. Which means that’s one “fear level” they don’t have to think about.

If your DD is excited about SDD, I would let her take that as her next hop, because she’s already got the enthusiasm going. As someone who has had varying success getting their kids into the “coaster junkie” mode in which I nearly permanently exist, I can’t tell you how much value the kid’s personal enthusiasm has.

Ok, that’s more than one thought. As long as your DD meets the height reqs, I feel like SDD is a reasonable choice for her, especially given her enthusiasm.


may be because 7DMT is “dark” and that may be adding to scariness

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DD was hesitant to go on dark rides when she was about two - I bought her a glow in the dark Magic Band which made the dark a lot more fun! :smiley:


I love this idea!

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