Which moderate resort to stay in?

I’m struggling to decide which moderate resort to book for next year.

Last year we stayed at Coronado Springs and loved it, but possibly thinking that I should try somewhere different (unless someone can convince me otherwise!).

We are planning to stay for seven days :slight_smile:

Any guidance or personal experience would be great.


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Hi. We stayed at POFQ last December and loved it. Short walks to the bus and the the boat to DS. While the food court left something to be desired, it was still doable (also beignets!!) Also, its about a 15 minute walk up to a bigger food court or to Boatwrights at POR. The bus rides to the various parks were all reasonable, and usually shorter than projected.

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I will second POFQ. Everything in the resort is a short walk. The hurricane drink in the lounge is one of my favorite drinks . When I was there bus picked up then went to POR. Reverse on way home.

We have been thinking about POFQ but because we are from the UK PO costs $200 more for the week compared to Caribbean or Coronado. Do you think it is worth the extra $$$?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest you pick whichever PO resort you can get for the cheapest price. For your stay taking the boat to DS a couple of times. Have you seen www.portorleans.org ? Plus- YeeHaw Bob!


I will also vote for POFQ.

We loved it. It’s the only moderate that we’ve stayed at, and that was after only staying value. I loved the food court, mainly because there was never the crush of people you find at the values.

And, also for all the reasons others have listed.

It’s a lovely resort. It’s centrally located so all of the bus rides are pretty short. They take a back road into MK and you go past Golden Oak. That’s about a 5 minute ride.

Hi there! I agree with the other Liners. Go with either POR or POFQ. I’m doing the reverse of you! Last Feb, we took our first trip to WDW and stayed at POR in the Royal Rooms. LOVED IT. If you are at all interested in how the rooms are themed, those rooms are gorgeous (and we’re not a princess crazy family). We loved how quiet the resort was and we loved the boat.

I’m doing CSR this time around because I got a better deal there and am encouraged that so many people like it there. I think we’ll enjoy it there too. But, since you’ve already done CSR and so many people agree that POR/FQ are the best, go for one of them. Give it a whirl.


The small size of POFQ is what makes it good. POR is within walking distance so you still can have access. The smaller resort makes it easier to refill mugs too. We were in an outer building and it still seemed closer than other resorts.

Also check out renting DVC points, as that would make a deluxe the same price as a moderate.

I really look forward to someday staying at POFQ or POR.

Yes, based on the recent podcast that shared reader polls. CBR is pretty poorly rated overall - Len said there is even going to be a note in the 2017 edition to not stay there - and CSR gets a LOT of conventioneers so is less desirable from that perspective.

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I was listening to that his morning!

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Thanks for the tip about the podcast, now I can get even more Disney fix!!

Looks like PO it is, thanks for all your help, was so worried about picking the wrong hotel :slight_smile:

POFQ for sure

So here’s the thing: it’s definitely true that some Disney hotels have more amenities and such than others. But they are ALL at Disney and they are ALL in the bubble, so really there is no “wrong” choice :wink: Rest assured, you’re gonna have a great time no matter where you stay!


True true, most people don’t come back from Disney talking about the hotel!! POFQ all booked now, just the long wait until we go :smiley:

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We enjoyed PORS. However I actually liked CS (usually). Last time the house keeping was awful. I do like the resort as a whole though. I think as a whole the moderates are pretty much on the same page - it comes down to the individual conveniences of the various resorts etc that make it cool.

Depending on when you go - check out HOTELS.com - as you MAY be able to stay at AKL or WL for similar cost. This happens every once is a great while based on factors outside my understanding - but always keep an eye out.

Caribbean beach, in about 67 days now. I’ve had my heart set on POFQ for as long as I can remember, but paging through the photos at All Ears…CBR seemed more sumptuous. Then when I priced them both, CBR came in a few hundred less. So, here we go.

Which podcast were you listening to? All booked now but still good to know the information :slight_smile: thanks

Scroll down to episode 1020

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