Which MK TP should I do please?

Hello, would appreciate any advice on which TP to use please. This will be our first ever morning in MK, and our second day at WDW. It’s me, DH, DD5&7. We have an 8:25am at BOG, should we do PP and Winnie first or Ariel and the small Fantasy Land rides and FP PP & Winnie later? We will probably leave 1/2pm so probably won’t manage everything on the list, and I’m planning our 3rd FP for 11am with the hope we can get a few more. We have 3 other mornings and an evening in MK.

Is it unrealistic to expect to get extra FP’s for between 11-2pm on a CL5 day and it’s a MVMCP please?

In the “Start Ariel” plan, you leave BOG and then go to Gaston’s. Why is this? You’ll have just eaten.
Never skip Dumbo :wink:
I really like this plan otherwise! The only step that seems out of the way is step 8 (BLSRS). I wonder if you realize it’s on there twice. Either way I would try to FPP it around the time that you’ll be over that way.

Overall, though, I think I like the “flow” of the “Start PP then Winnie” plan much more. I would do that one if you can get the FPP timing to work out.

I can’t answer your question about FPP availability. This chart may help but is not specifically on a MVMCP day, and you’re thinking is correct that the party situation may skew typical availability.
Day-Of FPP Availability

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Thank you, Gastons is there to pick up a snack for later, I think I will drop the first Buzz. I have another version that makes 7DM later and drops tomorrow land.

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Yeah, the “Start PP” plan takes you naturally to Gastons later to have that snack. I would use that one.

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Thank you, I will go with that one. As we are hopefully doing PP first thing should I FP something else, or keep PP as a back up in case we don’t have time for it first thing?

What does TP say your wait time will be without FP? I would use that as the driver of my decision on this. Greater than 20ish minutes = FPP

If you FP Peter Pan you will miss the great, interactive queue area, which includes a chance to see Tinker Bell “live” and a walk-through of Wendy and the boys’ London home.

Thank you, I was thinking we would do it twice that day, once first thing to experience the queue, and then later with FP. I’m also planning another FP for PP a couple of days later. I’m trying to only do 2 lands per day and gently lead up to the big coasters.

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