Which MK rides to rope drop besides the obvious?

My kids are up early so we’ll be at MK for rope drop (EEMH). Thanks to a combination of multiple days at MK and having little kids, I don’t need to rope drop the obvious SpaceM, SplashM, BTMRR, 7DMT, or PFF. My touring plan keeps offering (what I think) are odd suggestions - like People Mover or the Tea Cups!

What would you suggest we do first during EMH? Buzz maybe? Dumbo? Does it make a difference starting in Fantasyland or Tomorrowland? FWIW, we have FPP for 7DMT, Belle and Tiana/Rapunzel just before lunch at CRT.

Thank you for the advice!

Some Liners will tell you, and I agree, to avoid RDing the biggest headliner in a park (FoP, 7DMT) because unless you are literally among the first through the turnstiles (and therefore waiting up to a couple of hours pre-park opening), you will still have to wait a considerable amount of time in line and will lose the opportunity to walk on other rides.

Instead, opt for a ride that tends to attract a large line later in the day, but that won’t be inundated at RD (Space/Splash, BTMRR), or a ride that will build a moderate line that you don’t want to wait in (JC, PotC, IASW). I personally wouldn’t RD People Mover or Tea Cups because short lines can be found throughout the day if you keep your eye on MDE.

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Enchanted Tales with Belle, Pooh, Buzz, Pirates, JC, HM, Barnstormer, or Speedway. All rides that will not command any wait during RD but can get up to an hr. on a busy day.

Astro orbiter. Ride early with no wait and avoid the horribly slow line later. Or speedway. Or do both.

Have you looked at the Touring Plan for Families with Small Children? I used the 1 day version last year with my then 2 year old and everything was a walk on. Only time we waited in a line was to meet characters.


(I copied the 2 day version link since you mention multiple days - I’d copy these, add in your fast pass times/move those in the plan, and then evaluate - see if it’s wildly different than what you’re getting now.)

What attractions do you want to do on this day? That will dictate the responses.You’ve mentioned what you don’t want to do, and those are pretty popular ones, that can have generally long SB wait times. If you are entering the attractions you’d like to do into your TP for this day, it should spit out the best order in which to do the things you’d care to do in the amount of time you’ve entered that you’d like to do it in, according to a bunch of different formulas.

Astro is a slow loader, as suggested, but what do you want to do?
The speedway can be hit or miss early am. The waits might actually be pretty bad, since they could be bringing out cars for the first runs of the day.

Thanks for the insight! That makes sense to focus on rides that may have a longer wait (than I am willing to do) later in the day. Something felt off when I optimized my TP so I’m glad I checked here.

I think we’ll hit AO, Buzz and Speedway then follow the optimized plan from there. Thanks everyone!

Based on your FPs that you have, I would RD Pooh or Buzz then head straight to Ariel (her line can be long later). If you wanted to do the Cinderella/Elena Meet you may want to consider that early as well. Then head to Dumbo/Barnstormer/Teacups. You could easily squeeze in IASW and Carousel between your FPs.

I would do whatever ride you think your kids will want to ride multiple times. Buzz? Pooh? Then RD and do it a few times in a row.

We’ve been able to ride almost every other ride in Fantasyland in the first 60-90 minutes.

All good choices. I would add the princesses if you’re interested in those. Also, Mickey and Tinkerbekl if you haven’t gotten a FastPass for either one of them.

I think the key is that when everybody else is zigs, you should zag. So since most people will be going straight to 7DMT or Peter Pan, you should go to BTMRR, then do Splash. If you don’t want to do those, then I would hit PotC and JC.

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Lots of very good suggestions. But one thing to keep in mind if you’re doing EMH at MK is that during that hour, the only rides available are in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.


Astro Orbiter if it’s open. The line is not a pleasant one to wait in!