Which mEMH is best?

There was a comment on another post about how morning EMH are AK are not really that much of a benefit, because of the large number of on-site guests who flock to it in order to do the Pandora attractions. This led me to wonder if there is a particular park where mEMH is better than the others. I.e., if you could only made one mEMH during your trip to WDW, which one would give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak.

As a first measure, we can look at the number of attractions available for mEMH

  • MK: 22
  • EP: 8
  • HS: 7
  • AK: 10

MK appears to be the clear winner here, but this does not take into account the crowd factor that seems to be plaguing AK. If MK gets a far greater proportion of people to attractions than the one of the other parks, it might not be the best choice.

Choice of attractions might make a difference as well. Although AK might be hellish to get into, if you are not going to Pandora you may have a great opportunity to do Everest, Dinosaur, and/or KS multiple times with little/no wait, so if that is your goal mEMH at AK might be perfect.

So, here is the question for recent visitors: Which park did you have the best mEMH experience in and why?


I’m going with MK. We were able to ride at least 6 things the first hour or so because we “walked with purpose” and we did things that were near each other. I think the close proximity of rides at MK makes it easier to get more done. You don’t have to travel far to find your first ride.

My day: we RD’ed Space x2, Pooh, Teacups, Barnstormer, and then waited around the 7DMT FP entrance probably 2 minutes before our 9:00am window opened. It was FANTASTIC.


I like the way you walk!

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From experience, my best mEMHs have been in MK as well. You can accomplish a lot in that hour! I guess the number of attractions helps absorbing the crowd and many attractions are close to one another with short duration.
My worst mEMH so far has been Ak, a failed attempt to ride FOP (2.5 hour wait - never again) and HS on a departure morning. HS has so few attractions available, that I think it can’t handle well the mEMH crowds.
I haven’t been to EP for morning EMH only evenings…