Which meet & greet is better?

Do you prefer the Visa meet and greets or the fastpass Character Spot ones? Are there differences between them?

If you are talking about the epcot character spot, you get to see Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

I’ve never done the visa meet and greets, but i thought i had read you only get one or maybe 2 characters. Hopefully somebody else knows more about that.

Disney says, you never know who might drop by, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, or Goofy for the Epcot VISA character spot.

Do you really have to have the visa card and how do they check?

They do check. You have to actually present your Disney Visa. At the DHS you get to meet Kylo Ren. The benefit is that while you may not see an “exclusive” character the line is generally much shorter than even the FPP.


It’s usually two at Epcot out of Mickey / Minnie / Pluto / Goofy at Epcot. At DHS it’s Kylo Ren.

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Same characters, but Visa tends to be a much shorter queue, even vs. FPP.

It’s similar to how there are multiple Mickey “rooms” at Town Square.

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Yes, you have to show your VISA card. I am hoping that my card will get my group of 7 in. I am only planning on doing the one at Epcot. My 3.5 yo GD knows nothing about Star Wars.


When did they change this we meet him last year with no visa.

Sorry if this spoils the Magic, but they have multiple rooms each with a Kylo Ren in them. The Visa Card entrance is basically an even faster FPP. It’s similar to how there are multiple Mickey rooms for the M&G at Town Square.


I don’t know if this has changed, but last time I went, I had a Disney Visa debit card that I had gotten for this specific purpose (I already bank at Chase, I just got the new card), and when I showed them the card, they told me it had to be a Disney Visa credit card and the debit card it did not qualify. They ultimately let us in anyway, but this is apparently not how it’s supposed to be.

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Kylo also meets in a regular line.

Visa line is always shorter.

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Then we lucked out last year there were only 2 groups in front of us last year. BB-8 was a short wait also. Chewie’s line was about 15/20 minutes, that was our longest wait.

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In 2016 my Visa got our party of 10 in.
One of our nicest photos ever.


Great photo! Good to know that they let the whole group in on 1 VISA card.

Good to know that it tends to be the same characters as the Disney spot. I had both in my schedule, regular spot and VISA character spot. Will jusf do the VISA spot and save some time. Plus I hadn’t noticed that for FPP, the Epcot character spot is a tier one.

Changed back again to Tier 2 this week.

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guess ill whip out my disney visa and meet kylo in October while i wait 3 hours to get into swge


Thanks, depending on how the DG reacts to characters, maybe I will do both is we can get a FPP. Then again. If she has a negative reaction, I will still have time to cancel Tusker House.

I am trying to convince the family that after we do one morning with EEMH at 6 a.m., that we should consider that was enough of HS and go to Epcot or AK the afternoon we were going to go back to HS. With the change in FP tiers, it is not worth it to me to wait in those lines. Plus there is almost nothing for small children to do in the park. I am disappointed in what this has done to my plan.