Which is your favourite souvenir?

Post a photo of your number one favourite souvenir. If you’re going to cheat like I am, by posting a photo with multiple souvenirs, you must specify your one favourite.

For me, it’s my VIP tour pin. This is not me showing off, I just honestly think it’s a beautifully designed object and it reminds me of a fun day. And, yeah, I do like the exclusivity of it, though you can buy them on eBay for twenty dollars.

Though I love my mugs and magic bands, the pins are my favourites in general. They’re like little pieces of precious jewellery; some are really exquisite.

The other items are part of my Disney Museum and rank pretty highly, too.


Not actually a souvenir from Disney, but the last time we went with ALL 3 kids, I made a book…


That counts.

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I made one for us and 1 for each kid. This is the back cover…


Nice typography. (I’m going to let the double exclamation mark pass.)

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Please do, I was super excited, lol! And I was a journalism major (annnnddd I’m literally doing the complete opposite now)

Edit: Grammar… not my strong suit! :joy:

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I have a hard time deciding which my favorite is. I think my mug is my most favorite.

I really like my DLP card, though.


Thank you for asking! I will say my favorite (for the time being) is my Grand Californian mug.


I don’t really buy many typical “souvenirs”. I would say that “collectively” my blown glass ornaments (Radko, Lauschaglas, and Disney). To choose one out of the batch would be very difficult, but I might have to go with this one.

This was a limited edition Christopher Radko ornament from 1998 and was only available at WDW. It’s approximately 6" tall, and serves as the tree topper for my “Disney Tree”

This picture was from 2018; I haven’t put this tree up yet this year.


That would have been my first tree up! How many have you put up this year so far?

The living room tree and two dining room trees are, embarrassingly, still up from last year. The ironic thing is that the one in the living room will have to be taken down. We’re in the process of getting storm damage from Sally repaired, and the interior work may well be in December which will involve cutting out pieces of ceiling drywall (with insulation coming down with it), replacing the dry wall, painting, etc. One of the areas is directly over where the tree currently stands in the living room. The family room will also require a fair amount of ceiling work, so the three trees that usually go in there will probably not be going up this year. Cindy has lost all interest in decorating, so what gets done this year is pretty much what I will be able to do. I’m definitely going to put up the Disney tree in the guest room and the two “German” trees in my den (along with the pyramids, arches, nutcrackers, etc.). The Florida room, kitchen, and master bedroom are potential candidates for trees; I’ll just have to see how much motivation I have.

This has been a good year to have them up from last year. Sorry that you have to take some down before Christmas.

I’m sorry to hear this.

My mom has a zip up bag she puts over it and slides it to the garage after Christmas and slides it back after Thanksgiving, lol.

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Hey I have that plastic goblet? Is that from Shanghai Disney?

No, it’s from BOG before they went to the new menu/fixed price thing.

Okay. I thought we got it in Shanghai Castle meal but my memory could be failing me because we have eaten at BOG many times but maybe they also use the same ones across the globe? Cuz I swore we got it in Shanghai. Now I have to go check photos. Lol

Possibly, who knows? I’ve only ever been to WDW, so I’m sure mine’s not from Shanghai. :joy_cat:

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I looked and unfortunately I made my daughter pose away from the table every time. So I can’t prove it…Doh. But thanks for making me look cuz these bring a smile at the memories so I’m gonna share. Lol.


These are great pictures!

My favourites are, the Christmas countdown from our first trip, the Totem Pole from our first resort stay, the yellow Mickey ornament from DL Paris and the picture from or last trip of Mickey…the details in it are awesome!