Which is your favorite/favourite Disney park?

What is your fav Disney park? I mean anywhere on Earth, not just in WDW.

My kids and I do a virtual theme parks every Saturday morning (to make up for the fact that they don’t have baseball). We did Tokyo Disney this weekend. It seems amazing.

For anyone who has been to multiple Disney resorts, how do the prices compare to WDW? Not looking for exact figures. Are they similarly priced? One more than the others? (excluding airfare which obviously varies significantly depending on your place of departure).

AK is my favorite


Tokyo DisneySea is absolutely amazing and easily my favourite Disney park. Animal Kingdom is my favourite in the US.

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Impossible to choose! I’ve only been to US parks and of those, my favorite is Disneyland Park. Of the WDW choices, MK and AK are tied as my favorites. Epcot is my least favorite and only a one day park for me, although I like it enough to not skip entirely.

DCA because it was the most novel to me when we went.

And Guardians :heart:


I love DCA! I don’t know if I would say it’s my favorite, but … maybe it is. I love Guardians. I love the Incredicoaster. I love Cars land. I love the cultural festivals they have there like Viva Navidad and Lunar New Year.

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Hands down favorite is Disneyland. In WDW, currently, AK comes out on top, but it ties with DCA. However as DCA becomes more and more a Marvel park, it will probably fall in my overall rankings.


Easier to pick a not favourite (DLP) than to pick a favourite :joy:

At my last visit it was barely a Marvel Park. Pixar was the focus it seemed.

Well, they took out the Bugs Life area (which i personally loved) and are building a Marvel Land there so it is becoming more Marvel. I love the Pixar focus but am not really into Marvel. Although love Guardians! So mixed feelings from me on that.

EP used to be my favorite park, and the EP of the 80s still is. But FW has become a disaster (not counting the current deconstruction) that I mostly just walk through to get to WS. Imagination ruined, Seas dumbed down, Horizons gone, World of Motion replace with a not very thrilling thrill ride that was made even worse with it’s “retheming”, Energy gone (to be replaced by what hopefully will be a decent - although barely appropriate - GotG ride, and SE going through various refurbs, none of which were as good as the original version.

I haven’t been since this started, but I find it sad. Although I have no kids who would enjoy the rides, I loved the theming of the area and the attention to detail. When DCA first opened, it was a celebration of CA, but most of that’s been lost with all of the IP overlays. (thank you Eisner - and it will be worse under Chapek).

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Disneyland Park is the greatest 100 acres on this rock we call Earth. DCA is great too (some of my favorite rides are there) but it needs DLP to truly be magical.

At WDW, Animal Kingdom is the most inventive and immersive, IMO. Epcot has potential, but at the moment it is a work in progress in more ways than one. DHS has some great stuff but lacks cohesion. MK, in my non-controversial opinion, is just DLP but without the charm and too much rain. (:wink:)

I really want to see the foreign parks someday, particularly DisneySea (which I didn’t realize was a play on DisneyLAND until a few months ago :man_facepalming:) and Disneyland Paris.


One of my daughter’s college friends is a WDW freak (uh … I mean fan … like us!) and we often have conversations comparing the parks. She finally went to Disneyland and DCA this past spring for the first time. She still likes MK the best of all, silly girl. I told her my favorite of the WDW parks was probably AK and she thought I was nuts! I agree with your controversial opinion of MK … but I’ve only been to WDW once and that was 8 years ago. I must go again to research this important question. Not to mention the parks in foreign lands. I think Paris and Shanghai are the two I most want to see for a variety of reasons.

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Yup. It was only when I watched the episode on The Imagineering Story about it that I got it. Before then I always thought it was a really weird name.


I think that’s where it clicked for me too.


I have to say my favorite park is DLP but my favorite land in any park is Cars Land. I just was blown away by the Sh-Boom at twilight! I was supposed to be at Disneyland Paris today…:cry: but I’ll make it someday.

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I would be happy to go and only visit MK and AK. However my family is the opposite of me and prefer HS and EP :joy:.

AK is my favourite. Very immersive, especially Harambe area.

Would like to go to DisneySea one day…

I love Disneyland, I just love it in so many ways, even its imperfections - narrow walkways and a castle with (gasp) no forced perspective. Next for most magical is definately AK.

But my favorite ride is Guardians and I am totally psyched for the Avengers campus, if they do it right.