Which is worse?

Which is worse?

  1. Having the monorail door remain open while in transit, as happened several months ago?


  1. Having the door actually fall off while at the station?

I feel as though my recent T-shirt purchase is more appropriate than ever:

According to Screamscape, a door DID actually fall off.



Whoa !!! :hushed:

I guess falling off is worse, especially if someone was leaning on it…

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The actual article with pictures is here:


Here is a preview picture:


At least it fell at the station !

And I thought Disney was perfect !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An ECV hit it, I assume when trying to exit. So it’s not like it just fell off spontaneously.


Could you have pulled a grumpier face?!

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My wife calls that my “hostile resting face.” It is what my face naturally looks like unless I actually put some effort into it. I can be as happy as a lark, but my face looks like Grumpy. The shape of my facial hair only makes it worse! :confused:


Otherwise known as resting bitch face - bane of my life!


I took the bus from All Star Sports to MK and the Monorail to the Polly while on the bus the driver but my ECV in neutral (unbenounced to me) and did not put it back. While on the Monorail every turn the ECV was rolling back and forth. I had to keep holding on to the post.

This sounds very scary. Did no one help you? Can you not reengage the gears in this situation? I hope that you will be able to laugh about it one day…it has the makings of good dinner party story.:wink:

Once we got off my DD fixed it I did not know what was wrong at first.

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I think I have that, too. When I wear my Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, my daughter says I look like a state trooper ready to hand out a speeding ticket.