Which is more accurate

The list of attractions with “when to go” (https://touringplans.com/universal-studios-florida/attractions) and the graphs with wait times don’t seem to always match. For example, for ET, “when to go” says “within 30 min”, but the wait times look fairly low throughout the day. Which is more accurate?

Do you make TPs? If so, I would create a TP and go off of that. I have never really studied the “when to go” versus the graphs, so I can’t say for sure which is more accurate. I would say that some rides, like the Harry Potter ones and Minions, are best done first thing or right before park close, if the park is open late. Things like ET could really be done any time. Of course, midday will more than likely see the highest waits for everything.

Thanks. Best I can tell, the TPs are based on the graphs. Also, if you’re saying that ET can be done any time, that fits with the graphs, not the “when to go”.

If I’m understanding the charts correctly, they show the average peak wait time for the attraction at each of the crowd levels. So, you’d look up the crowd level for a given date and then the bar says how high you can expect the lines to be on at peak on that day.

The verbiage (“within 30 minutes of opening”) tells you when to expect the lowest lines. Thus, while everyone else is in Diagon Alley or in line for Minions, ET is low. As everyone moves on, the lines will build to the peak listed in the chart. For example, on a CL 6, wait times for ET should get up to around 40 minutes at their highest point.

As to wait times seeming low throughout the day, it’s all relative. 40 minutes is a long wait for ET, but compared to the almost 90 you’d expect at Minions for a CL 6, it’s really nothing. I will say, we were there two weeks ago on a CL 8, and the wait for ET really did get up around where it suggests the peak will be. So, you can go to ET anytime, but you’re going to wait longer at 2:00 than you will at 10:30.

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