Which is better with park days?

I just started planning for beginning of june 2020, and I’m wondering if it’s better to plan to be in the park that has the lowest crowds or the morning extra magic hours?
My choices are MEMH @ HS crowd level 5 with another day @MK crowd level 7
HS crowd level 6 and the other day @Epcot crowd level 4.

Do I aim for the lower crowd levels or the MEMH? We would definitely push to be there early either way.

I’ve always gone for the park with the lower crowds. Avoiding the EMH is a way of doing that and it’s worked well for us. But I’ve gone during CL 10 days whereas yours should be better. Also, if you have hoppers you can do the EMH and then hop to a less crowded park.

Weather is a consideration; you can benefit from that extra hour in the morning with cooler temps, and getting more done before the (typical) afternoon showers.

Another consideration; getting park hoppers?.. you can take advantage of EMH and then move to a slower park.


We’ve tended to avoid the EMH park for lower crowds. But for small differences, like a 5 vs a 7, I’d recommend taking the number as a very preliminary estimate. Crowd levels will be adjusted several times between now and June, so small differences are sometimes erased by future crowd level updates.

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