Which has the better queue? Splash Mountain vs. Big Thunder

If I can get FP for one, and a 15 minute line for the other, and it’s completely interchangeable, which queue would you rather stand in, Splash Mountain vs. BTMR?

I don’t recall either queue being particularly interesting…although, I don’t know if the recent refurb on BTMR made the queue more interesting.

Agreed. Six and one half dozen the other. I think they are both about the same.

Splash is all out in the open. BTMRR is mainly under cover. Depending on when you’re going, that may make a difference.

BTMRR added a few “interactive” elements a couple of years ago but depending on the switch backs you may not pass by them.

Hmmm…I was kind of going to say the opposite. Once you get inside the building Splash offers more cooling, although if lines are long the first part of the Splash line is out in the sun which is your point. I think I’d break it down by time of year you’re going - in summer when Splash will have longer lines I’d FP it. If going in November thru March I’d likely FPP BTMRR as you can catch short lines for Splash if it’s cool at all.

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BTMRR mainly due to the cover, and there are some interactive parts and things to read while you’re standing in line, plus you get to see some of the ride too. Splash is just standing in line, staring at people, and then occasionally seeing the train.

I don’t think either has an amazing, can’t-miss queue, but I question the “same” wait for both. Splash takes a LOT longer so if you do that first you are hitting Big Thunder later when there could be a longer line. Splash can also go down more, so I would get the FP+ for Splash. As others have said, demand for Splash does drop when it gets colder.

They’re both pretty lousy. At least Splash’s is cool.

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Same as in according to my TP after optimizing, putting in both scenarios.

I find BTMR’s queue claustrophobic. And hot.

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We’ll be there in June, but both plans that involve BTMR has us doing it early in the morning, like 9:30am, so it shouldn’t be too sweltering.