Which halloween party to attend

Hey everyone
I just booked a surprise trip for my four kiddos and myself! We are flying in on September 29th and leaving on the 2nd. I want to do the Halloween party but don’t know if it be less crowded on Sunday the 29th (also the day we arrive, we have a 6:20am flight)… or Tuesday the 2nd. Anybody have any guesses? I’m leaning towards Sunday but am questioning my kids’ energy levels after waking up so early for the flight.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forums :smile: Tuesdays are usually the lowest attendance - I would say go for that. I also advise reading up on advice on the forums and elsewhere – there are definitely some tricks. We went twice last year – here are my thoughts.

For one, you can go right at 4:00, not use a park ticket day, and still have 8 hours of park park time. Also nap first – If you stay until the end of the party, you will have the shortest lines for everything (in early October we were able to ride Splash three times without getting off!) Don’t wait in long lines for candy - they never run out and you can load up at the end of the night. Bring your own empty bag if you want more! We got enough to enjoy plenty and still give a lot out on Halloween at home. The characters are in high demand - I would say pick and choose those carefully since you can spend a ton of party time in those lines and not even realize it.

If it’s like last year, be sure to visit the Haunted Mansion. They had “live” ghosts out front and a ton of cool effects. Also look for / ask about special treats. Most of the restaurants didn’t bring them out until after the official party started at 7.

If there are multiple shows and / or parades, go later (except the last show of the Villains Spell-tacular was super crowded - go second to last).

We also ordered a Lyft after the party and saved giant hassles waiting for the buses with the rest of the world! It was like $11 to our resort - cheaper than a Starbucks stop and completely worth it.

Hope you have a great time!


Thanks those are great tips.

Welcome, I would definitely opt for Tuesday. I am doing it on my arrival day on Friday with a 6am flight. Kinda regretting it but had no other option.

Great tips, unfortunately it looks like my party date is supposed to be very crowded (10/6) but that was the only day we could go. Interesting about the Villains show, I had assumed later was better.
I agree with not taking the bus that night, I’ve planned on using Uber/Lyft to make our trip more relaxing for certain trips back and forth.

It will still be lots of fun :). One of the days I went last year was really crowded (and HOT!) and we still had a great time. The last hour of the night was much cooler outside and not at all crowded, and we got a ton done. We did have a fairly long wait for Seven Dwarfs (Dwarves?) and Haunted Mansion. Most everything else was very manageable. The energy is also great - lots of costumes and everyone is really in the ‘spirit’ of things.

And if I may offer advice from a person who loves thrill rides but not pain, avoid Space Mountain! Last year they had the Halloween “overlay” which was basically all the lights off and screams in the background instead of music. It was so lurchy and so dark that I felt like I had been in a food processor when I got off. I’m sure someone out there loves it, but that person isn’t me!!

Yes I’m sure it will be great. I think part of it is Disney makes it out to be so limited, but it really isn’t, especially now with the special pass. My DD went to several parties as a DCP & as much as I would love to meet Jack & Sally, it’s just not worth the time for me. Now if I was a local with that pass, then I would be all over that! HM is hands down my absolute favorite ride and I can’t wait to ride it at the party. I already have a FP for it around 5 but I want all those pictures that you can only get at the party.
As for Space Mountain, we parted ways after my knee surgery, way too rough. DD & my friend will definitely ride it at the party though and I guess I’ll have to suffer and have some Halloween treats while I wait for them!

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