Which FP+ to pick for DHS

We are going in late August. Our 60 day window opens up in 20 days. There are four rides that we are thinking are must do. Toy Story, ToT, Rock Coaster and Star Tours.

So which three FP+ should we book for morning? The park opens at a ridiculous 7am that day so I am not sure how close to rope drop we would be as it is the end of the vacation and we will be tired for sure. Is there one ride that we will be able to get FP+ for more easily after we use our first three??

Toy Story is the only tier one on your list, so that should definitely be one of the three fastpasses. For the other two, I would select RRC and TOT. They both tend to be busier than Star Tours and I think you would have a better chance of getting a 4th fastpass for Star Tours.


:arrow_up:️ Agree with the above comment.


Agree, TSMM, TOT and RNRC. Star Tours will be easier to get as a 4th FPP.


Also agree - star tours usually has lower waits, especially of you do TSMM with FPP, then star tours and then ToT, RnR with back to back fast passes

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Great! So I will plan my TSMM for first thing and then do Star tours and then the others back to back!!

We went in April, actually the last day of FPP for TSMM before the changes. Since it and RnRC were both tier 1 then, we chose TSMM, tower and star tours. But given the choice, I’d have easily chosen TSMM, RnRC, and tower, and done star tours standby. I think you’ll be fine. That’s what we’d now do going forward.

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