Which FP to get: SDD or MFSR

My FP day is this Friday and still trying to figure out what to do for our HS day. We definitely want to ride both SDD and MFSR. Which FP do you recommend getting? It will be 60+3 for us. We are big rope droppers so will definitely shoot to be there early to ride whichever one we don’t get the FP for. DH wants to get MFSR since we’ve ridden SDD before, but I think I read some stuff on here about SDD being a better choice for FP since the ride capacity is lower? Now, if only I could plan the day to include ROTR and MMRR. Too much unknown! Thanks for your advice!

@Jmarkey86 has just reported that the line for SDD at RD extended past the Chinese Theatre so I would guess that’s your best option. But I’m not speaking from experience.

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If you move SDD to the end of the day, the SB line is much shorter. Right now, rope-dropping rides at HS is hitting them with quite long lines due to ROTR crowds.

When making my HS plan, I found that trying to do rides in the first few hours was much worse than sticking shows up front, and then doing the rides late in the day. But I think as soon as we come up with a game plan, things change, so just make a choice and then don’t second guess yourself…because it really is just a guess.

Thanks both of you! Yes I am seeing about the crazy lines at rope drop time. Luckily we do have the whole day there so can get in line later in the day if needed. Wondering what it will all look like after MMRR opens. You’re right I just need to make a choice and don’t look back! And then keep my eye on how things are looking after March 4😊.

My plan for my upcoming fast pass day is to get the fast pass for whichever of those 2 I can get earliest in the day, therefore hopefully leaving room for additional same day fast past passes.

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Yes was also thinking about that. Also, thinking maybe park hours might eventually get extended since it’s Easter week, so I could maybe move whichever one I get up to early morning if needed!

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SDD does have a lower ride capacity.

My general strategy for all FPP+ is to get fastpasses for the things I would be the most sad if I didn’t ride. If it’s MFSR since you haven’t done that yet, then go for that!

My new favorite strategy for rides is “get in the line at the last minute before the park closes.” As long as you are in line when the park closes, you’ll get to ride the ride. I rode SDD like this in my fall trip, and waited about 30 min in line (there are no fastpasses after park close!) Also, SDD was so much better at night!


I would rather stand in MFSR line since it is very well themed. I would get FPP for SDD and do other rides at rope drop.

MFSR wait time also goes down as the day progresses, so it makes sense to wait and do it in the afternoon.


We did SDD. It was over an hour all day. MFSR was busy in the morning, but not at night. My husband and oldest walked on just before park close and had the whole vehicle to themselves so they were both pilots.

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Also, in the summer, a lot of MFSR is an indoor queue.


This question was posted last week, and I replied that one should FPP Slinky and standby MFSR. First and foremost, MFSR’s queue is much more interesting and protected from the elements than Slinky. I also posted that Slinky’s wait times are consistently longer than MFSR, but it was pointed out to me that may change once FP is available at MFSR. Without data, it is tough to confirm or deny this.

As you are ropedroppers, I don’t think you will go wrong either way. If you are a Star Wars fan, you would definitely want to experience the MFSR queue at least once, and I don’t know if the FPP line will take you through the full experience. Someone else will have to answer that for you. If FPP skips important elements of the MFSR queue, I would RD that ride and FPP Slinky for sure. But if the FPP queue goes through the entire line, then I don’t think it will matter what you do if you RD one ride and FPP the other.


Thanks for all the advice. I think we’ll go with a FP for SDD.