Which fireworks?

We are at WDW for 4 days so only planning to see one firework show. Either Epcot or MK - which would you recommend would be better for 11 yr old girls?

MK. Illuminations at Epcot is fairly boring in comparison. My 13 and 15 year old will only watch it every few trips, whereas we watch in MK once or twice per trip.


I 2nd Wahoohokie. MK all the way.


Thanks - I had TPs all set for Epcot and MK, with Fireworks at MK. Then I saw that I had planned to visit each on days with Crowd level 6/7, but would be 4/5 if I switched days… But if we switched we would miss the Early Morning Hours… Any advice would be gratefully received - I’m driving myself crazy!! :confused:


You’re kidding, right?! For a newbie like me, I can just about get my head around a tp for one park per day! :smiley:

First trip for the girls? Nothing better/more classic than fireworks over the castle. I agree with @Wahoohokie about Illuminations. DH and I have a short stay in Dec, with parkhoppers. We’ll do MK on EMH morning and low crowd day, then bail before the party by hopping to Epcot. The next day we’ll do the reverse - start with EP and hop to MK just for the nighttime things, especially the new fireworks.

There seems to be a lot of varying opinions on park hoppers. We, personally, always get them.

For example, our last trip, we’d planned a full day at AK and a full day at HS (along with days at Epcot, MK and a couple of buffer days). We went to AK and loved it. When we went to HS, we found that we were getting bored by midday and were ready to leave. Instead of loosing the rest of that day, we park hopped back to AK and spent the rest of the afternoon there again. We love having that option. This trip, we’re planning a day of Epcot during the day and MK at night (to see fireworks, mostly). If you can swing adding it into the budget, it might be worth adding, especially with only 4 days.

We actually have ‘hopping’ already, but since doing the TPs, it just seems a waste of an hour getting to the other park, as I can’t seem to fit everything in as it is! I think if you have been a few times, and know you’ll be going back again, it makes sense. But this is a once in a lifetime for us, so really trying to pack amap in.

My family still doesn’t use the park hopper, Maybe when the family is a bit older and the kids are allowed off on there own, or if my extended family was going it’s make sense, but right now hopping doesn’t really make sense since you really are loosing at least an hour in the parks. As long as your using the Line’s app while at the park I don’t think the crowd difference of 4/5 to 6/7 will matter much especially when you take advantage of EMH.

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I never hop at WDW with my family. Save your money! We often take a break and return to the same park.

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Not kidding You can do it! we do EMH at one park then resort pool followed by a second park for later in the day. I have done it both ways, plan the day well with a TP, don’t get in too early so you have stamina to see the fireworks. Personally with DS6 we like to take a break mid-day for the pool and stay deluxe near the parks to minimize travel times. But have to plan judiciously based on WHAT park is closest.

For example, we stay somewhere in 7 seas lagoon near MK SO MK is a stop either early morning or late day-evening and then switch to another park for the other part of the day. A new feature that can reduce travel time is the express service to provide transport from park to park without extra walking and security lines. Also no matter how hard you plan and try, you can’t do it all so just focus on the key rides/shows/parks to make the most of your time with or without parkhopping. Kids love the pools and monorails.

BUT to answer the original question. MK fireworks for your age group over Epcot for sure!! Epcot was great but there is extra magic for all at MKP show.

You can watch Epcot fireworks from the bridge to the international gateway from the boardwalk.