Which Epcot Resort

Which Epcot resort is best? Two adults expecting little to no pool time. Will splurge and likely get club level so those amenities will play a role along with the room view since we enjoy spending the morning and late afternoon on our balcony.

The opinion from someone who has never stayed at any of them, but have spent time at all of them…

Do you want quiet or close to nightlife? YC seems to be the quietest, BW seems to have a lot more going on, and BC is somewhere in between. Location? BC is closest to EP, YC is closest to DHS, and BW is in between. But keep in mind that they are all within a 10 min walk of each other (lobby to lobby).

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I have stayed at all three and have stayed CL at YC and BC. I have heard such great things about BW CL!

Too funny - I was typing “Do you prefer nightlife (if so Boardwalk) or quiet (Yacht or Beach Club)?”

For the record, I’ve only stayed at Beach Club (DVC and our balcony faced trees in between BC and Epcot) and visited a friend staying at BW (also DVC and overlooking the clown pool so that room was quiet at night).

Jen Leforge has a youtube channel and she recently stayed club level at Boardwalk. She did a review and put up a video of her room.

Reports are that on Sunday morning there is an omelette station at the BW? I enjoyed the overall experience at the YC CL over the BC.


We don’t plan on staying out late but am also thinking that we might like more of the nightlife views which was leaning me towards BW. However, I’m oddly self-conscious and not sure how comfortable I would feel with that many people seeing me sit on the balcony if we would be lucky to get a boardwalk view.

My wife and I stayed at YC on our last trip before kids, and have stayed at BC with our boys. For a couple, I loved YC. You are guaranteed a full balcony, if you get views of Crescent Lake, it’s such a nice atmosphere (and you can see the Boardwalk across the lake), good distance for walking to Epcot, which we did often especially at night.

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I’ve stayed at all 3, but only stayed CL at YC. The CL experience at the YC was fabulous in terms of service provided and the CMs. I do love the BC, but it isn’t as quiet at the YC.

Aye, there is. The overall quality of the food at BWI club level is a big draw for us. We’re going in May.

I think the OP should not even think about the BC. We stayed at the YC and one time in the early morning hours I went over to the BC in search of coffee- it was like entering a different world. Full of noise. Maybe I just needed my coffee but it the difference made an impression on me.

BWI is much closer to the lake, for the most part, and YC is set back from it. I don’t know the distance from the YC club level rooms to the lake (they only hold 4 ppl and we have 5), but when we stayed in regular rooms it seemed much further than BWI. So I’d say to check exactly where the CL rooms are at YC vs. BWI, in order to get the view you want.

@Pod makes a good point about room and location. This was my BC CL view:

Beautiful? Yes, but very loud. If I can find my YC CL room view I will post it here. It was a standard view but a pretty long distance from the lounge. We did get a nice, tree lines view of the convention area.

Edited to add that picture:

You would think I would say BC but I definitely say YC between those two.


Thank you all for the responses and visuals! I’ve taken BC out of the mix and will search for some other CL view pictures along with room location. Perfect way to spend my Saturday planning my Disney trip that’s 13 months away!!