Which Epcot resort for club level stay

We want to stay Epcot area and are doing club level. Any suggestions for preference between resorts?

The only one we’ve ever done is the Poly. We enjoyed it. But wouldn’t do it again until the Poly renovates all of their rooms.
The specialty drinks at night at the Poly were amazing! The food was much better at night then in the morning.

I have stayed CL at BC and YC and they were both good but I think I would stay at BW before I booked either again.


Just stayed at BW CL and it was ok, but a few things bugged me. We weren’t sure if we should check in downstairs or at the CL concierge, and it took them 15 minutes to figure this out downstairs. They started checking us in but then re-did everything upstairs. A long wait after a long day was less than ideal. The CL lounge is very far from the lobby elevators, and our rooms were even further. annoying to walk multiple times per day.

Other than that, BW itself is great and particularly the outdoor areas far superior to the others

When I stayed CL at Poly they made me check in in the lobby (30 minute line) then they made me check in a second time in the Hawaii building (another 10 minute wait). Funny, that experience was glorious compared to AKL.

Thats bizarre. They have CL guests checking in and out every day, how do they not have a clear protocol for this at every resort.

If the custom is to check in at the CL desk (our bands were there so I assume that is the intention) 1. I should be clearly notified before hand, 2. this should be the first thing they tell me in the lobby if I happen to go there. Now they checked us in and then went looking for our bands in the back and couldn’t find them.

When I stayed at the Contemporary, we were checked in at the lobby and our bands were there, not on the CL floor.

I love the BWI club level and stay there at least 3 times a year. My husband and I were just there the beginning of December and we will be returning in February for our 48th anniversary. I will also be going with just my granddaughter and daughter in law for 4 days the beginning of February for my granddaughter’s cheer competition. We will be back the end of March for our annual family trip and then again in December for my birthday! Now, why we love it so much, the location is fantastic, walking to two parks is great. The cast members have become great friends over the years and we love them. The chef in the lounge is wonderful and very accommodating to allergies, and the food he prepares is outstanding! Yes, the walk to some rooms can be long, but I always request one close to the lounge.


Just wanted to say I have stayed at both the YC and the BC club level and they were okay. The cast members were not very welcoming and the offerings were not impressive.

I stayed club level at YC in November and really liked it. Super helpful cast members and good breakfast options. We were never there during the dinner offerings so not sure about those.


Thanks! We booked boardwalk for Labor Day weekend

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I recommend requesting a room that is a bit closer to the entrance (and lounge), not all the way at the end of the long building