Which DVC resort to choose?

We’re waiting to decide on our end of September trip and I’m looking at which DVC resort would be best for our family. It looks like there’s availability at Kidani, Poly, Saratoga, Boardwalk, and Old Key West. I’m leaning towards Kidani because I think DS3 would love the resort. Pools are very important to us and we plan on spending time there almost everyday.

My main hang up with Kidani is the lack of dining options. We’re planning on only eating outdoors and Kidani doesn’t seem to have an option for that except the pool bar (and that menu isn’t appealing to me other than the adult beverages :sweat_smile: ). Would any of these other resorts be better as far as pool and/or dining? Or is the lack of QS just something a lot of folks are having to deal with given the current state of things?

We just stayed at Kidani. They do have QS for breakfast at Sanaa. We did not try it out because we ordered groceries from Amazon Fresh. We had breakfast (most days) from our own stash and snacked in the evenings as well. I think you could also order from Uber Eats or another delivery service, if you wanted. One day we had a flyer from a local place that delivers slipped under the door. We didn’t mind fending for ourselves in the evening since we had eaten well in the parks during the day. :wink:

Oh that’s good to know- thank you! I figured we’ll have plenty of snacks and options, but I’m so ready to be there and I’m just being greedy!

I am going to say SSR- paddock for pool and options for food (walk to Disney Springs).


We liked the QS service at Saratoga better than OKW. While at Saratoga we did eat at DS. I don’t know if it’s open now, we enjoyed the Turf Club at Saratoga as well.

We used to like the QS at Poly but last year the choices weren’t as good. Tho you are in the MK area and could mobile order from other resorts’ QS?

Even tho DVC provides better opportunities for our own snacks and meal prep, it’s still nice to have other choices.

eta - we did really enjoy the main pool. Slide was fun and seating included sun and shade options.

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Or with a young child you might be eating at off peak times. When we went in January with our kids we found it was never busy at Sanaa or Boma when we went. I assume the crowds would be even lower now so you could end up with only 5-10 other groups in the entire room. I’m sure they’d accommodate you if you ask for a table far from everyone else.

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My kids loved the pool at Kidani. The “zero entry” part was really nice, as each kid could go out to the depth they felt comfortable with. And the small waterslide was great for us. DS was not comfortable doing the big slide, but did the small one over and over.

I heard that Sanaa is doing take out to a certain extent, though I’m not sure that it is at all quick. I don’t know the details, but it’s something to look in to and consider.

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We switched from Kidani to Boardwalk for our trip in October. The dining issues were the main factor, plus the remote location. We were on the fence about renting a car, but Kidani is a bus/car ride to absolutely everywhere. At least with many of the other locations you can walk to at least a few other spots.

I think that Saratoga is a good recommendation with the easy walk to Disney Springs, plus there are many pools for the little kids. The Paddock Pool has a splash park that is great for 3 year olds, my kids were 1 and 4 last year and spent a lot of time on it. I think that pool is also zero entry if I remember. And the High Rock springs pool has the CUTEST Donald Duck splash area for little, little kids.

Are you getting a studio or 1-bedroom? If you are doing a 1-bedroom then maybe you are ok with fewer dining options and just do an Instacart order of frozen pizzas and stuff to eat.

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Yeah, the food and transportation is the major draw from Kidani. If we do Poly, the rental is a night shorter and it means we would drive 11+ hours on DH birthday :grimacing: I’m really liking the pools and location of Saratoga, but it just doesn’t seem as special to me. I feel like Poly is once in a lifetime (at least for DH’s budget HAHA). Definitely a good list of pros and cons for each, guess we’ll have to just wait and see what’s still available closer to the date.

We’re going to do a studio, so a lot more limited as far as “cooking” :sweat_smile:

Poly has good food options and you can walk to GF for additional QS.

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We’re currently at Jambo and the food options for us just aren’t great. I wish we’d brought grocery’s for lunch instead of just breakfast.

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That would be super convenient! It’s also nearer to Wilderness where we want to have dinner at Geyser Point one night, still would have to drive, but less than if we stayed at Kidani.

So Jambo is indeed open for DVC? I was wondering if that was the case yet or if they were still transferring people to Kidani.

How are the pools/crowds?

It is! It’s a ghost town. We like it but it’s empty, the only thing open is the pool and front desk.

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Just thinking, have you noticed if the playgrounds (not the splash pad) are open? I know in the parks the open play areas are all closed, but I hadn’t considered the resorts.

Playgrounds were closed today