Which Disney Park visit first?


I’m new to Touring Plans and this is our first visit to Orlando. We are a brazilian family with 14yo teenager and 7yo boy. We are more focused on fun and adventure rather than magic.

We bought 3 day Disney’s Parks tickets and 14 days for Universal’s Parks. We are planning to stay in Orlando from 13-25/August and checking TP Crowd Calendar, we planned visit DHS in our first days (CL 8/10), other parks distributed during our stay and finally MK on latest days of our trip (CL 6/10).

I’m curious if it’s more interesting visiting MK before DHS (and even before Universal Parks) due to a better experience, since MK is a more magic than other parks? Or should I stick to TP CL level?

For me, I decide based on crowd levels. No matter when I get to MK, it will be magical. Last trip we did Epcot on arrival, and next trip is AK.

We tend to change up which park we start at but always end our trip at MK. For us, it’s just a great way say goodbye to the World!

We are going to UOR for our first time this December so I can not speak from first hand experience but from the research in general and on this site, I am wondering if you can find enough in UOR to keep you busy for 14 days. Your 7 yo will likely not be tall enough for I believe the 2 tallest rides. Others who have been there may be able to speak more on this but I am wondering if 1 week of UOR with going to the water park would give you plenty of time there in one trip?
With there being 4 parks alone at WDW you could definitely keep busy for more than 3 days. If you are star wars fans then DHS will have tons to do. Jedi training was a great experience for my DS10.
AK is full of adventure if that is looking for mostly. In MK you could do the mountain challenge and make sure to ride all of the tall mountain roller coasters in one day. Epcot also has tons to do and can quickly fill up a day. Then there are also the 2 water parks at WDW.
Whatever you end up doing in Orlando though it is sure to be fun! I agree that MK is a great way to end any trip even if you start with other parks first. I would recommend making sure to catch HEA and even consider a dessert party especially on a high CL day.

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