Which dessert party - HEA or MNSSHP?

I would like to do one of these during our August trip. We (me, DH, DS17, DD17) have two MK days, the last two of our trip, and we decided to try out the Halloween party on this trip, our second trip to WDW. So we have MNSSHP on Tues Aug 29, then MK with extended evening hours on Wed Aug 30. I have reservations for garden view dessert party during MNSSHP and for the seated dessert party on the 30th. I only want to keep one of those reservations, but am torn about which one.

Would the desserts at the party during the Halloween party be different / Halloween themed? Or would it be just the same offering as the HEA dessert parties (which I’ve seen some recent reviews about and know will be a bit underwhelming - we’re really doing it so that we don’t need to be squashed in to see the fireworks) ? Is it more important to get a closer view of the Halloween fireworks show because of the Jack Skellington puppet, or will we still not be close enough from the garden anyways?

I know people object to an extra upcharge during an already extra ticketed event, but at the end of the day, we would like to do one or the other and the cost is the same whether we do it during the party or a regular night. I guess I’m trying to decide which one is going to give us the better experience? We have been to WDW once before, 4 years ago, and we did a garden view dessert party for HEA, so we have experienced that. It was a good enough experience that we’re willing to pay to do it again - just not having to worry about camping out to get a good spot or being crowded in too much is worth it for us (my DD17 is petite 5”1’ and also anxious in large crowds)

If we did the dessert party during MNSSHP we might then decide to try to do some rides during the HEA fireworks on our last night, or watch from a quieter space behind the castle or something like that. Or would we do better just trying to find ourselves a reasonable spot to watch the fireworks during MNSSHP, and stick with the seated dessert party for HEA on our last night?

Without really reading, I would say HEA. Because the time you spend at the party will only take away from always available attractions, whereas at MNSSHP you’d be potentially sacrificing some time at party-only experiences.


I would echo this - but for a different reason. My understanding is that during party season, MK gets crazy crowded for fireworks on HEA nights.

I would want that space away from the crowds for the HEA dessert party. MNSSHP crowds should naturally be a little lighter for fireworks because of ticket sales.

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Added benefit then

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I agree with everything already said. Keep the seated HEA party and watch the MNSSHP fireworks from anywhere. In my experience it’s much easier to get a decent party fireworks view vs HEA.

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Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for all of the feedback! I am still on the fence about which one to do, but leaning towards keeping the one for HEA.

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