Which Dessert/Fireworks Package?

Hey all! Heading to the World in mid/late-April and thinking we might want to try out one of the dessert party packages this time. I’ve heard some are better than others–which did you like (or not like), and why?

We really liked the Plaza Garden party for HEA. Great view, enough space to not feel crowded. Desserts were good, no alcohol. Less expensive than the terrace party, and a better view.


I too love the garden view HEA . I will do it every time I can.

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I have done the Star Wars fireworks dessert party and loved it. It is the only one I have done so I don’t have anything to compare it to. There was alcohol included and we got a perfect spot for the show. I was thinking about trying the Frozen Ever After dessert party at Epcot. Any reviews on that party?

I did them all last summer: HEA/Plaza, Star Wars and IllumiNations.

HEA/Plaza is the cheapest and by far the best IMHO.

Second would be Illuminations — great view, plus you get to ride Frozen.

Star Wars just wasn’t for me.

Happy to answer specific questions.

Oooo…alcohol vs. no alcohol. Hmmmm. :joy:

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We did Frozen party last fall and I thought it was great. Superb view, no crowding, and plenty of desserts. We got a railing side table and sat there for the show.

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@TheKarenD and @profmatt how much seating is available for the Frozen party? Do you have to arrive early to get a better view of the show? Thank you!

When I went in August, the Frozen party had assigned seating at tables. I don’t think any of the seats are bad. You’re right on the waterfront with a clear view of everything.

So there’s enough seating for everyone because it’s all planned out in advance. And arriving late isn’t a problem because your seat is already allocated. Or that’s how it seemed to me.

Initially, I went to the wrong place, so I was pretty late in getting there, but that wasn’t a problem.

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Thanks for the info! It sounds awesome.

How was the beer and wine selection? Not sure if you drink alcohol or not.

I can’t help you there, I’m afraid. I’m not a big drinker. I did try a cocktail but Disney’s idea of a cocktail seems to be a plastic cup two-thirds full of neat vodka, one third full of ice, and one drop of flavouring/colouring. Yuck.

The party I went to was part of an event, so our group had bought out the whole party and they let us figure out seating on our own. We did arrive right when it started (in order to do that I made DH get out of line at Mission Space, which went down while we were waiting so was taking longer than planned) because I’d never been to this party and wanted to take full advantage of the desserts and such. So yeah, go with what @profmatt said. :slight_smile:

WDW Prep School has a great comparison that may help


My favorite was Illuminations because you actually get a table, alcohol, and FEA ride. Second favorite was Fantasmic because it was so cheap! The boxes were cute, you get alcohol, and we were front and center for seating.

Newbie here - can someone tell me how and when the dessert parties can be scheduled?

Thank you!

You can find them on the Disney site under dining for each park. You can purchase online or call. I used a gift card so I had to call. I believe you can reserve the same time you can reserve dining of they have times posted that far in advance. I had to wait until the dates were open for my trip.

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I did hear tho that you can get a good view of the show without the party package which isnt the case with star wars. this is all here say of course. i havent been but we did book Hea garden viewing with some great advice from this group. also thinking about picking a second one.