Which deck is best?

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I have a 4-night Bahamanian cruise booked on the Dream for the end of May out of Port Canaveral. After looking around at different sites, we selected the forward part of Deck 2. People have said our cabins are quiet; close to elevators, laundry, lobby, dining, and entertainment; easy to make a quick exit on debarkation day; etc. On the other hand, not as high for viewing stuff out the portal, further from pool and spa, etc.

Which deck is your ideal? Comment below. Also, a poll for fun (decks are numbered based on the Dream):

  • Low Deck (2)
  • Lower Mid Decks (5-7)
  • Upper Mid Decks (8-10)
  • Upper Decks (11-12)

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I understand that the room categories make a big difference but let’s assume your cabin was identical and just base your vote on location.

Unless you go Concierge the highest would be Deck 10.

I like Deck 2 on the Magic and Wonder. Have not tried it on the Dream or Fantasy.

For the Dream and Fantasy my favorite are the 8B cabins - the OV ones in the forward portion on Deck 9.

I was in a veranda on Deck 5 on the Fantasy once and hated it. Too midship, people could look down on the balcony, and the kids’ clubs are on that deck.


I liked the secret porthole rooms on deck 5


Now that I’ve done a deck 2 OV on Carnival it is what I’ve been looking for as I book elsewhere. I loved being close to the waterline and easier exit at ports and disembarkment.


Any difference in potential for motion sickness in different parts of the ship?

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I answered upper mid deck. My reasoning is more about walking up/down the stairs.

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I don’t get motion sick (personally would not cruise if I did, but I know a lot of people do), but from what I hear, lower and more central - so a midship Deck 2 OV. Others say the veranda helps because fresh air (though you are not supposed to leave the door open), and for lowest there you’d be on deck 5.


This will be my family’s first cruise so we don’t know if anyone will be sensitive to seasickness but hopefully not! :crossed_fingers:


Will you try to walk up/down the stairs or do you think you will rely on the elevators?

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We will probably use the stairs when convenient but obviously elevators if heading up to pool deck.

I’ve never been in Dream or Fantasy.

I had mal de disembarquement (sp?) after a cruise on a Magic sized ship. I was high and fore on the Lido deck in an interior cabin with just another mom friend. The ship was a-rock in’; water was splashing out of the pools and the deck chairs were sliding everywhere. We were moving quickly to stay on itinerary. I felt fine on the ship but off-ship I felt like I was rocking for a few days.

Then one time on NCL Getaway (I think Dream sized) DH and one son got so ill during dinner they had to leave. We were in the far aft dining room and again - speeding along to cover major distance.

I think it CAN happen but it’s hard to predict.

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This is Bahamas only,correct? Speed likely gentle?

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Yes: Port - Nassau - Castaway Cay - Sea Day - Port

Should be a slow-paced cruise and in late May hoping for calm seas.

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So far - in my limited experience - the only bad place to be is left-on-pier.

Don’t second guess your current location. :+1:

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That is the same cruise I did in August.


Good advice! Ha ha. This forum is all about second guessing.

But in the end I think asking this question has confirmed that my choice is best for my family. If we ever do one of these cruises again we’ll try something different.

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The first and last night will likely have the most motion as you have to cross the Gulf Stream. But winds and currents can change things even in water that is usually “calm”.