Which days for HS and AK

As I have been planning and replanning our December trip, I have come up with a new quandary. Would you choose to do HS on a Friday CL6 and then AK on Saturday CL6, or AK on Friday CL4 and HS on Saturday with CL7? My first plan was for option number 2 but as I am rethinking it, I am wondering if HS maybe even higher CL on both days but especially on a Saturday after TSL opens? We can only get a late start on Friday since doing MVMCP the night before and wanted to start early Saturday and then potentially leave early afternoon to get to UOR. This would mean cutting out ROL though which I really wanted to see, but TP shows that there maybe a ROL at 6:30 which would put us out of park early. Also is an EM morning at AK on Saturday that we could take advantage of. Also are animals still best to view in morning even in December? I think so. I also think I may have just talked myself into option 1! What do you think?

That was confusing to follow, I wouldn’t worry about CL, but I would avoid a park with EMH unless I was only there for the morning. Are you going to be in AK or HS any other days? Is seeing ROL important? Do you have park hoppers?

It’s all speculation at this point. I would do option #2. Just remember that using a touring plan is more important that crowd level.

Sorry, I reread that and it was completely confusing. It all made sense to me when I wrote it of course! I guess my real question was if we would be better off avoiding HS on a weekend day after TSL opens, but that is difficult to speculate. Also that is a good point that we maybe better off avoiding EMH.
To answer your questions, we are only going to be in WDW for 4 days and one day is a MVMCP only day. So we really only have time for a park a day. I would really like to see ROL as we never have. I am going back and forth on park hoppers. I’m not sure if they would be worth the cost for such a short time (I think there was a recent post about that). Thanks for your reply!

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Thanks for your input. You are right, I think I need to be patient and see what happens with TSL. At least I now know what the FP tiers will be!