Which day would you recommend we see Fantasmic please?

Hello, please could you help me decide which night to see Fantasmic for myself, DH, DD5&7. Options include CL2,3,5,6,8,&9, currently predicted to be 2 shows per evening with the first one at 7pm, which is the one we’d like to see. Is it ever possible to arrive 5-10 mins beforehand and get a seat at the back? or are flying pigs more likely? At what level of crowds does Fantasmic fill up to capacity by 6:30 if there is only one show? We do want to have lunch at H&V to see Sophia 1st, so a DP is a possibility. However I’m having difficulty fitting in a DP lunch at H&V on the same day as Fastasmic without skipping the afternoon rest back at the poly or not seeing everything we want in HS. My current best option is a day when we do MK in the morning 9-12, back to the Poly and cab at 2pm for a 3:55pm DP ADR at H&V. That doesn’t give my DD5 much time to nap, would I be better off doing our morning & evening at HS on the same day and skipping the nap, or skipping Disney Junior & BatB?

When you say DP, are you saying you are trying to book a F! lunch package?

If you plan to attend the 2nd show then you should have no issue. I’ve gone to the 2nd show several times in the past year and usually the far sections are empty.

Thank you. By DP I mean Fantasmic Dining package.

Can you use the reservation finder for that? The seating is center and it will make it so much easier for you!

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If you can get the Fantasmic dining package, it makes your life so much easier to attend Fantasmic. But you still might need to arrive like 20-30 minutes early, or they supposedly give those seats away as the show gets closer. (It seemed like they didn’t the night we used them). I agree that there is a low chance of getting seats in the back, 5 minutes before the first (or only) show.

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