Which day to go to AK? Also, is TTDP recommended?

I am trying to decide which day to go to AK-ideally we would like to do this park in one day. We are looking at going any day of the week Monday-Friday (the other days will be filled going to MK, HS, and maybe a water park) April 27-May1. Crowd calendar has each day listed as a 3 with the exception of Thursday as a 2. On Wednesday, there are EMH which we could get there as soon as it opens. Sounds like a complicated math problem, ha!

Also, we have secured a TTDP reservation-has anyone been and felt that it was worth it? I do love me some sweets :slight_smile:

With crowd levels like that you aren’t going to notice a difference between a 2 and 3. I would go with whatever day it fits best into your schedule.

As for TTDP we did it on our last trip and really enjoyed it. There was a broad selection of desserts and several drink choices. Plus you get to watch the show without the crowds pushing you around. We totally thought it was worth the money.

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Here’s the picture of our table lol… don’t judge us.


Oh man I wouldn’t judge that, I feel like that would be just round one for my crew!

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I’m with @Outer1 on this one - with Crowd Levels like that, your choice of days really does not matter. I’d be tempted to take advantage of the mEMH if it fits in with the rest of your plans.

We loved the TTDP despite the fact that DW and I are NOT big sweets eaters. I think my kids ate more than the ticket price in chocolate covered strawberries. It is also nice to have a secure and roomy spot to watch wishes with a great view.

I am sure you do not need to hear it but I love TTDP! I have gone three times and I would do it again ( and again) if given the chance! Plus, Tinker flies over you!