Which day ... is it better to

Is it better to go to MK on a day when the hours 9-7 crowd level 4 OR hours 9-9 crowd level 6?
We’ve been having this debate, I say the longer hours because the crowd levels are not that much of difference but my son thinks when the crowd level is lower because you can get more rides in.

I think it might make a difference more depending on your strategy.

If you’ll want to take a mid-day break, I would go for the longer park hours. If not, I would go with the lower crowd level. Both strategies will get you about the same amount of day and experiences in, IMO.

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If rope dropping I’d lean 9-7 for the lower crowds figuring you’re likely to be done by around 7 anyway unless you plan some breaks. If arriving late, I’d go for the 9-9 to have the extra hours on the back end. I guess the other factor to consider - is the MK closing at 7 because it’s a party day? That does mean after 4 the party people are going to start arriving which will make the park thick with people especially on Main Street/towards the front of the park. Depending on what you want to get done that day, that could change the answer…

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I would go on the CL 6 day. As @Damavs said, most likely the other day is a party day and the crowds after 4:00 combined with CMs starting to push you out after 6:00 combine for an unpleasant end of the day.

As another data point, Touring Plans has the difference between a 4 and 6 CL to be only 5-8 minutes difference in wait times per ride. That’s not a huge difference, although would add add up to an hour after around 8-10 rides…

For me - I like the longer hours as I like the park at NIGHT. So if you plan to stay to close - I would go with the later times and just have a good plan (be flexible though). I like the nighttime in MK

Try creating a touring plan for each day and include the same attractions, meal times, etc, and see how it pans out.

I just explored this nearly exact issue our trip coming up at the end of the month. We were choosing between a 9-7 day with a CL of 3, and a 9-9 day with a CL of 6. The CL 6 day seemed to be the better choice for us because it allowed us to take a mid-day break and still get to see everything we wanted.

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Yes there is a party that night. Interesting. Thanks :smile:
Gparkins - I was just going to try creating plans for both. I’ll let you know what happens.

Do a single TP and change the date on it do see the impact.

OK this is what happened when I optimized both.

On the 9-9 hours 9-7 hours
in line 292 261
busy 333 291
free 0 0
walking 103 79

Now some things to point out.

  1. Took out one meal because we will leave the park to eat if we leave at 7

  2. On the 9-7 hours one ride could not fit in, but Fastpasses were not included yet. so that would leave free time on both plans and cut down in line time.

  3. I noticed on the 9-7 hours times at the end of the day on the major rides were low. If people are coming for the party wouldn’t that make the lines longer.
    Peter Pan at 5:30 - 37 minute wait
    Haunted Mansion wait at 6:31 and 6:57 8 and 12 minute wait
    Space mountain 6:57 6 minute wait.
    Does that make sense or do you think Touring Plans are not including the influx of people for the party?

So really makes no difference other than not being able to see the fireworks. :grin:

9-7 looks much more efficient to me. You are in line less and you walk less. Yet, you are in the park for 2 fewer hours. Yippie.

I think the walking difference was mainly due to dinner, We were going to be in Tomorrowland and then have to backtrack to Skippers Canteen. B

I agree with @Sam2071, seems like the 9-7 day looks like the way to go. You could always grab dinner at one of the monorail resorts, then watch the fireworks from the beach. Wish my days had worked out this way…

There is a lot of foot traffic on party days between 4-7pm. I wonder if many people are just aimlessly walking around because last year they didn’t seem really geared to go anywhere - except to get in my way! :slight_smile: We got so much done from 9-3pm, that we are using party days as our strategy this year. Most people won’t go to the park on party days because it is a short day with no fireworks. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Sounds like a good plan SStottlemyer.
Anyone else have experience on party days?

There is something very wrong with those times.[quote=“Coughlin, post:10, topic:27472”]
Space mountain 6:57 6 minute wait.Does that make sense

I think those times are wrong.

Could you post a follow up after your trip? I am wondering if the increase in ticket price will reduce the party that much? Last year there were complaints about MK almost every day once the parties started.

Edited to add: last Friday was a low attendance party. At 6:30 as we were walking past PP my son wondered how the CMs would handle the people in that line. I believe it was 75 minutes?

Practically speaking, you will get very little done after 5:00 on a party night. Hordes of people start coming in at 4:00, by 5:00 it’s very crowded, and by 6:00 it’s pretty much intolerable. At 3:30, there was not a SINGLE FPP available for ANYTHING. If I EVER think about going to MK on a party day again, I will plan on leaving NLT 4:00 for either a different park, DS, or resort activities.


hmm now I have to rethink this. what to do!

After the 1st parade (just party people) on our way to Space (5 minute wait) we walked past PP. It had a posted 30 minute wait. There is something off with those times.

Rope Drop is critical. How many days do you have to spend at MK?