Which day for MK?

Hello Liners, would love some advice as I am trying to decide which day would be better for MK;

Tuesday March 5 ( Mardi Grass) CL 6
Wednesday March 6 ( EMH night) CL 5
Thursday March 7 (DAH night) CL 6

UT has Tuesday as best day, Kenny the P has Thursday. TP has the lower crowd on Wednesday.

Does Mardi Grass bring extra crowds specifically to MK? And how busy does the night EMH get?
Not interested in purchasing tickets fro DAH. Kids are older so no concerns staying late.
We will be back at MK later that week as well and are planning to watch HEA then.

I would go with the EMH night.

definately the EMH night. Especially with older kids.

Thank you. We usually avoid any EMH parks since we don’t get park hoppers. But the night one might be fine then.

This leads me to a question I’ve been wondering, so perhaps here is a good place to ask.

When EMH are at night, it seems like they are less beneficial than EMH that are in the morning. At night, the EMH are “contaminated” by off-site folks who are already in the parks and in line, which eats into the lower waits. But EMH in the morning don’t have this problem.

For those who have been to EMH at night, do you see a significant difference in lines/waits as compared to morning EMH? Mostly a question of curiosity.

We always hop to park with EMH night to get more park time. Not using FP using Lines app to view wait times mostly seeing shows, like movies in EPCOT. Crowds are definitely less in am. Most people don’t want to get out early on vacation. My DD23 is an early riser. Teachers tend to be that way. Haha

I thought the offsite folks could stay in the park, but had to tap into rides for PM EMH?

AM EMH is different, they are not let into the parks.

Yes. That’s my point. Perhaps not clear. I just mean, for morning EMH, the ONLY people in the park are those on-site and willing to arrive early.

For evening EMH, there are a bunch of people in the park…both on-site and offsite. And all of those people who are off-site are still in line. They aren’t kicked out of line. For rides with longer lines, this means that for, say, that first hour of EMH, lines will still be quite long by comparison. Of course, once that off-site guest finishes the ride, they can’t get in line for another, so as the evening proceeds, the advantage starts to increase.

Of course, evening EMH is generally 2 hours, whereas morning is usually 1. So maybe that makes up for it?

Do you think that the park would be busier during the day compared to other days since on site guests with no park hoppers would be there for the duration of the day?
AM EMH parks tend to be busier for the whole day. I guess I am wondering if the same is for PM EMH days.

I think it is about even. Especially with families with young families. we also go to parks with AM EMH but never really pay attention to PM EMH. So , we may be there on that day but we arent’ going to stick around.

For OP - IF you aren’t going to worry about watching HEA until your other visit to MK that will gain you some time on rides as well since during HEA there are some pretty low stand by times.

I’d assume it’s the same - it would be more busy. If you are paying for the EMH benefit, you’d assume ppl would want to try to take advantage of it. If they do not have hoppers, they would target that park for that day, and have to stay there.