Which dates would you pick?

Alright, I think I am down to 2 possible weeks for our next trip. Which would you choose? The week of Halloween/first part of November (gone before Veteran’s Day) OR the week before Thanksgiving?

My kids will be 2 & 4, so the Halloween & Christmas parties don’t matter. It will likely be a 7-10 day trip depending on how it falls.

I vote for week before Thanksgiving. We have gone that week several times and crowds have been good as has the weather. Weather was sunny (low chance of rain then) and warm—we could swim but usually only during the mid-afternoon as it was chilly like 70 at night but that probably isn’t too bad with kids 2 and 4. If it were me, I’d prefer to do Halloween at home but maybe that’s bc I love Halloween the most.


If you’re fine with being away from home on Halloween, I’d go with late October/early November. You’ll be able to see the Magic Kingdom decorated for Halloween at the beginning of your trip, then some of the Christmas decorations should be up before you leave.