Which Club Level?

I booked Boardwalk Inn CL for February today, but now I’m second guessing my choice. I want to make sure the CL we stay at is top notch and I’ve read mixed reviews about the Innkeeper’s Club. Now I’m wondering if I should do Atrium Club at CR or Sugar Loaf at GF. What CL would you recommend? Has anyone had an amazing CL experience someplace they’d recommend? Thanks!

I have stayed at BC, YC, AKL, Poly, and WL. Honestly, BW is at the top of my list since I hear it is similar to WL (the best I have stayed at). There are some I would do again, some I will never do again, and then WL :grinning:.

I think you have made a good choice.

Thanks! Honestly, Wilderness was our first choice but there was no availability for our dates. My girls love that crazy clown pool at BWI, so that’s why we chose it.

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I hear on Sunday mornings there is an omelette station?

I’ve read that too. And they have Bloody Marys and mimosas.


Just about any club level lounge will serve mimosas and bloody marys. You usually just need to ask a cast member.

We just stayed at the gran destino tower. that lounge was amazing. great food, wonderful cast members. Outstanding view of HS & EP fireworks. I highly recommend and we will definitely stay there again.