Which Breakfast? Chef Mickey, 'Ohana, or Crystal Palace?

Which breakfast location is your favorite and why? Are the food choices roughly the same at each restaurant?

Our kids are 17 and 14 so the characters at each location don’t matter too much to any of us. We do enjoy taking photos and interacting with them but don’t have a preference as to which ones we see.

Thanks for sharing your opinions :slight_smile:

'Ohana! POG juice and pineapple coconut bread!

I agree, I would say O’hana. I try to go there every time I go down. I think for teenagers that would be your best choice. I also prefer it because it’s served family style - they bring everything to your table instead of standing in a buffet line.
Chef Mickey’s is actually my least favorite restaurant in all of Disney, mainly because it is incredibly loud since it’s in the middle of the resort, everything echoes. Because the characters there are Mickey and Friends, it is super popular with families with young children.
I can’t speak to Crystal Palace. I’ve never been there - going for the 1st time in a few months.
You can look up the menus for each on Disney’s website.

I’ve been to 'Ohana and Crystal Palace for breakfast and loved the food at both. I’ve never been willing to try Chef Mickey’s. The main difference between the two is that 'Ohana is family style, so platters of food are brought to your table. There are a few specific items and you get unlimited refills of those items. Check to see if the set menu looks good to you. Crystal Palace is a true buffet, so there are lots more different items available. You get up and fill your plates. Personally, I like the variety at Crystal Palace better. The cheddar bacon scones and breakfast “lasagna” made from pancakes, berries and custard are both amazing.

Travel time might also make a difference for you Simce CP is inside Magic Kingdom and the other two are in resorts, it can take a larger chunk of time to eat at Chef Mickey’s and 'Ohana. It’s not a big deal if you have a leisurely day planned though.