Which attractions in Disneyland are similar to Disney World?

At Disneyland, here are the ride similar to those in Walt Disney World:

  • Space Mountain (better in WDW, IMHO)
  • Buzz Lightyear (same in both parks)
  • Jedi Training Academy (same)
  • Mad Tea Party (better in WDW)
  • it’s a small world (better in DL)
  • Pan’s Flight (same)
  • Dumbo (better in WDW)
  • King Arthur’s Carousel (better in WDW)
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (better in WDW)
  • Splash Mountain (better in WDW)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (better in DL)
  • Haunted Mansion (better in WDW)
  • Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (same)
  • Jungle Cruise (same)
  • Tarzan’s Treehouse / Swiss Family Treehouse (better in WDW)
  • Enchanted Tiki Room (better in DL)
  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (a scaled-down version of Hall of Presidents, better in WDW)

Disney California Adventure

  • Tower of Terror (better in WDW)
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug (better in WDW)
  • Soarin’ (same)
  • Toy Story Mania (same)
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I have not been to WDW for a while and maybe I am crazy, but I recall thinking that the Adventures of Pooh had quite a different ride vehicle that went up and down and was really cool vs. the small, non-moving-up-and -down vehicle at DLR. I liked the one at WDW quite a bit better.

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I like the beehive vehicles at DL plus they do sway side to side, up & down.

Testing out a reply on a DLR-side thread. Is it working? Okay, here’s my two cents: I humbly disagree with @Lentesta about Space - I found it much smoother and more fun at DL. Also preferred Buzz at DL since you can move the lasers around. TSMM is the same ride at both parks, but I think the fun queue at WDW gives that version the edge.

Two other pairs of rides I’d add to the list, which have very different theming but very similar physical ride: Indy at DL is similar to (and better than) Dinosaur at WDW. And Grizzly River Run is similar to (and better than) Kali at WDW.

I agree with all of Lens opinions except one - Space Mountain. I MUCH prefer the DL version. The ride is much smoother, the visuals are more interesting, and there is music piped into the headrest of each seat. Also agree with Moorpark - I like the ride vehicles on Pooh much better at DL - but they were newly created for that ride, and the MK ones are just Mr. Toad retreads.

The ride system for Dino is an exact clone of the Indy ride - but the theming of Indy is an order of magnitude better. GRR is also an order of magnitude better than Kali; Kali is half the length (at best) and is one of the most boring raft rides that I have ever been on. GRR is one of my all time favorites.



I haven’t been to DL since Dec of '99, but remember riding Space then and riding it in WDW in May '00 and thinking DL was much better. I’ll report back next year as we plan to hit WDW this December, then DL in (probably) August '15.

Agree with PPs Space at DL much better. Buzz is different at DL in that you can hold the guns–they’re attached to the vehicle via a cord. BTMM was same but with new update I would call it better at DL than WDW now. Splash is different in both but IMO equivalent, same with HM, but HM queue better at WDW with lots of interactions. TSMM queue in WDW MUCH better. We stood in SB line purposely just for the queue, ride same.

Peter Pan’s Flight is way better in Disneyland!

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Okay- from everyone’s replies it sounds like I have mixed up the Pooh ride vehicles and the one at DL is the better one :smile:

And I agree- Buzz is so much better at DL because I can hold the gun up to my eye and have a chance of hitting something! I was confused at WDW when the gun didn’t move.

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Here is my 2 pressed pennies worth…Space Mt is much smoother and better at DL. Small World and Peter Pan, are better at DL too. Could not tell the difference between the two parks for the Tiki Room. POC longer and better at DL. Although WDW MK is bigger, we really prefer DL.

I have to agree with @WeHave2GoBack about Space Mountain. It is sooo much better at Disneyland. We could literally ride it all day long. As for Space in WDW, it’s more like a 1 and done. It is the Batterhorn of the East. This is how I look after Space at WDW (or the Batterhorn at DL) :grimacing:

Hi @kristinaserrano! Glad to see you over here too

I think Space Mountain is different enough in both parks to be considered different rides. They’re basically the same in name only.

Good to see you too!! Trying to figure this all out is more challengong than planning a first WDW trip

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We’ve had DL APs for about a decade and visited WDW 10 and 15 years ago. My 2c:

Space Mountain (Don’t remember the difference from 10 years ago)
Buzz Lightyear (DL - mounted guns suck)
Jedi Training Academy (same)
Mad Tea Party (no appreciable difference that I remember)
it’s a small world (DL)
Peter Pan’s Flight (same)
Dumbo (there’s a difference?, Magic Carpets are cool, though)
King Arthur’s Carousel (Don’t know the difference)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (they just wrecked the DL one by removing some ambient music and sounds, WDW probably better now)
Splash Mountain (no difference that I remember)
Pirates of the Caribbean (DL)
Haunted Mansion (line WDW, ride DL)
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (DL)
Jungle Cruise (comedians have been poor in DL lately)
Tarzan’s Treehouse / Swiss Family Treehouse (Tarzan >>>> Swiss Family!!!)
Enchanted Tiki Room (under new management sucked, but they changed it right?)
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (a scaled-down version of Hall of Presidents, better in WDW)
Tower of Terror (better in WDW - goes down the hallway which is awesome)
It’s Tough to Be a Bug (same?)
Soarin’ (DCA, because you’re actually IN California, so it makes sense, Soarin’ over Florida would be stupid at DCA too)
Toy Story Mania (same)

I’ll update this when I get back.

How does Fantasmic in both parts compare?

I try never to miss F! in DL; I rarely go in WDW. The “script” is essentially the same (except WDW has Pocahontas instead of PP), but it just isn’t as good. No Columbia, no Mark Twain (they have a very small very cheesy “riverboat” for the finale. Nice amphitheater, though.

Buzz Lightyear is NOT the same in both parks (although the concept of shooting Zurg-like allies to save the Galaxy,always a good thing, is similar).

BL in Magic Kingdom WDW has mounted guns and quite a bit of documentation on how to “win”.

BL in DLand is more challenging attraction with different kinds of targets and multiple choices.