Which are the best queues?

Not all queues are created equal. Some have great theming. Some are deliciously air-conditioned. Some are not so fun.

For example (off the top of my head and at random) I enjoyed the queue at Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris, but the one at Jurassic Park at Universal Hollywood is just a featureless cattle pen. (Or was when I was last there.)

Which queues have you enjoyed – and which would you avoid?

And which do you miss out on a positive experience if you use Fast Pass or Single Rider?

Peter Pan, Under the Sea, 7DMT and Haunted Mansion all have fun interactive elements, but I’d still rather do those when lines are short or with FP. They aren’t entertaining enough to choose standby just to see the queue, in my opinion.

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I am going to add Everest! Tower of Terror is one of my favorites but you can see that from the FP line.

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My kids love the queue for Winnie The Pooh. They actually enjoy playing with the stuff in the queue more than the ride itself


Frozen’s in Epcot looked pretty cool (pun not intended and l still highly recommend fast-passing it).
@SallyEppcot and @PrincipalTinker checked off the others that immediately spring to mind. I also liked the Pirates of the Caribbean one, but that has no interactive aspect, but it just looks good.

If you FP Frozen and 7DMT, you miss out on most of the queue, but it’s still the wisest move otherwise you’re waiting an inordinate amount of time. Your best bet, if you don’t want to FP them, is maybe check them out at rope drop, same with Pan.

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Doesn’t Space Mountain have some interactive stuff in their queue? We always RD it, so we bypass it, but there are stations with buttons on it.

Also, Soarin’ used to have the light games people could periodically play with their hands. Is that still up?

Test track has the “build your vehicle” as a pre-show. Does that count?

Toy Story used to have Mr. Potato Head who would talk to guests. I heard he might be gone, though.

And don’t forget the theming for Toy Story and Star Tours, too.

Thunder Mountain has a bunch of interactive stuff that we were entertained with during the last visit. Some of it interacts with the ride (like trying to blow up “TNT” next to the ride car as it comes by – water sprays out of the spots on the ride itself)

We were kind of disappointed when the line started moving quickly and we couldn’t play with half of the stuff in there. But I would take riding with no line over interactive long line anyday!