Which AOA building?

Any recommendations for Art of Animation? Which building to choose? I don’t want to face pool, but would like to be close to Lobby and bus stop. thanks

I believe we stayed in Nemo suites bld 5 by pool but on opposite side (facing lake area)…fairly close to lobby/bus stop. You can request specific rooms thru Lines.

That will depend on which type of room you booked… Lion King, Nemo, Cars or Little Mermaid. Here’s the map to give you an idea of layout: http://www.wdwinfo.com/resortmaps/artofanimationmap.htm

We stayed in the Nemo section, and found it very convenient to bus and restaurant. Requesting a room not facing the pool would be an easy option for you. You pay a little more for rooms in the Nemo buildings but I think its worth it. We also stayed once in the Little Mermaid section because we needed two rooms for a group over 6… quite a hike to the bus, but still a clean and cheerful facility.

We stayed in Cars, bldg 3 I think (Luigi bldg) with a lake view. It was very convenient to the food court. Avoid Little Mermaid rooms. That hike is no joke!