Which AK Villas might this be?

Howdy all,

I’m working on a personal project, trying to identify patterns in DVC rental drops and how prices change over time. On David’s rental site, they have a lot of deals that specifically mention either Kidani or Jambo, but some just say “Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas” without the additional location.

Anyone have any guesses if there’s a way to know if they would more likely be one or the other side of AKL? or could they just be either?

Kind of annoying those are generic as I’d rather my automation scripts deposit those deals in the right location.

If it somehow helps as an additional clue to those in the know - in their deals, the “generic” deals only appear with rooms that have " - Standard View" appended to them.

Here’s a peek at the data after my script pulls in the deals from their site.

It wouldn’t be possible for it to be either if it’s a confirmed reservation. When you reserve AKL there is an entirely separate heading for Kidani and Jambo. So it would definitely be booked as one or the other, in other words

I think the only way to tell would be to look at the point charts for each of the two resorts.

The studios are the same point value for both — EXCEPT that the value studios are a bit less. That would tell you if it was a Jambo situation but otherwise I don’t think you could tell the difference between the Kidani and Jambo studio bookings without it saying so


I think one and two bedrooms would have to note the building because bathrooms are different in each building?


Thanks - I kind of thought so but was hoping there was some odd DVC lore that I didn’t know.
Since I’m pulling in thousands of these deals a week from various sites, I’m not doing any individual lookups.

Would be nice if the rental sites were consistent on their naming things for geeks like me looking at their data. :wink:

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From this screenshot, I have 2 questions.

  1. The 1 bedroom Villas are only showing Animal Kingdom Kidani.
    Do you have any entries that are listed which uses Jambo House?

  2. Do you have any indicator elsewhere what view the AK Kidani 1 Bd Villa are?

The third column shows the view.

I just took a sample screen shot - there are all combinations of room types for both Kidani and Jambo in the data. Some of the ones that say Kidani and Jambo do also say "- Standard View " on the room type too.

But the generic ones ALWAYS have that "- Standard View: view listed on the room type, so far anyway.

At this point I think it is just inconsistency in the person entering them in the system and their own poor database design.

To be annoying, they also happen to list the room types differently - sometimes “One Bedroom - Standard View”, sometimes “1 Bedroom Villa” plus many others.

I just asked because I was hoping not to have a 3rd “generic” resort “Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas” in my data - it will skew the results later when I try to calculate prices changes for Kidani and Jambo individually.

No real biggie I guess.

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That is annoying. From a buying standpoint, I would be more interested in the view rather than which part of the property.

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Believe it or not - the 3 rental sites I am pulling from have AT LEAST 73 different room type descriptions between them.


Many have view listed, many don’t.

Here’s just a clip of some of them:

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Madness. And you are a better person for trying to figure it out to help others.

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Those are all genuine and bookable room types, albeit many include the view in the description. That obviously complicates what you’re trying to do but it is a valid description.

As for the AKL question, there is no way to know which resort it refers to.


Thanks! My brain wants to slim things down to “Standard” “Preferred” “Savannah” or something simple, but I also don’t want to lose the granularity of the data. Guess I’ll crunch the numbers both ways! :slight_smile:

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The problem is that many only apply to one esort.

Preferred view is only applicable at SSR and Boardwalk view is only applicable at BWV.
But then Lake view is used at BLT, Poly and GFV.
And standard is used at even more.
Plus BCV doesn’t have different views.

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Except that the villas do have a bit of a different layout depending which building you’re in. And also some have a strong preference for the hustle and bustle of Jambo vs the serenity of Kidani and vice versa

So I think both pieces are vital

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This has also irked me in my own spreadsheets when comparing the resorts as well! I always header them Standard, Preferred and Preferred+. I just pretend value doesn’t exist. And OKW has a “preferred” category but it’s the same amount of points as standard so it’s nutso.