Which AK TP would you do please?

Which AK TP would you do please?

  1. Fri 16th Dec Expected CL4
    8:05am ADR Tuskers (hope to get a DP)
    Start with Safari, then LK, rapids, Everest, Nemo, Dino
    2:50pm ADR Sanaa
    Back into AK for Boneyard, Tree and JB

  2. Fri 16th
    Start with Dino, save FP for JB
    2:50pm ADR Sanaa
    Back into AK for Boneyard, Nemo, Tree and JB

  3. Fri 16th
    11:30am ADR Sanaa
    Into AK start with safari, LK, Rapids, Everest, Nemo, Boneyard.
    Use FP for JB, my DH might not get to do rapids or Dino but that doesn’t matter.

  4. Sat 17th Dec Expected CL7 good chance of 8am EMH
    Start with Dino, can do everything including FoW.
    2:10pm ADR Sanaa
    Back into AK for Boneyard, Nemo, Tree and JB

We are early risers, and won’t stay late as girls 5&7. Thursday night is currently an early night but that might change if HS has fireworks. None of the plans include the conservation area. It will be our first time and only day in AK. On the day we don’t do AK we will be spending the morning in MK, resting in the afternoon and then using our FP in Epcot with a Coral Reef ADR. MK Expected CL on Fri is 4 with 8am EMH, Sat is 8 and will probably open at 8am. Illuminations is at 9:30pm on Fri and there would be a good chance we would stay to see this, on Sat it will probably be at 10:30pm and we won’t. While I’d like to see Illuminations, we are hoping to see all the other fireworks so it’s not a must do.

anyone please?

Tough call. I’m not a leave and come back person, so 3 looks good from that standpoint, BUT, I am a RD person, which I find to be pretty important. I loved seeing the birds released at the opening show last time we were at AK RD.

So, I would pick 1, probably. I was going to say 2, but I’m worried about Nemo in the afternoon. Not sure what time JB starts, but as long as you have enough time to get to that, then 2 or 4 would be great.

I don’t want to speak to the CL too much, but if that’s accurate, then the crowds can get really congested in AK. There’s a lot of greenery and not a lot of space for crowds, so given the choice, a lower CL is preferable. BUT EMH is pretty enticing. You could get a lot done in that time.

If Safari is on your list, then make sure they are open for EMH. We went one time and, while the park opened (regular hours) at 8am, Safari didn’t open until 8:30. But now, we had to stand in that line or miss the opportunity to get a good start. The ride was awesome, though. That early, the lionesses were chasing the lion around. I’ve never seen that any other time.

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Definately number one! Tusker House pre-RD is great. The early safari is too, and LK is the best live show in all of WDW :blush:

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I’d do #3 on a day following a late night or abandon Sanaa all together and do #1 w/ Tuskers (assuming the park opens at 9am that day) and hit Flame Tree for lunch instead.

Dino is awesome and shouldn’t be missed; it will have completed it’s returb and will look great.

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Thanks everyone. Dropping Sanaa would make sense, but it’s the restaurant I most want to try, our other choices are for the kids and involve 3 character meals.

Thank you, fortunatily I don’t have to decide just yet. I think starting at 11:30am is too late, we’ll be early risers, especially as our body clocks will still be telling us it is later.

Is Sanaa possible on your first or last day? Really should be lunch or an early dinner as you’d be able to see the animals better.

No, I have other ADR’s then. I’ve seen advice on how AK can feel very crowded but with good use of FP you can still do everything. And it’s best to do MK at the lowest crowds because there is so much to do there. We are doing MK on the 15th with the lowest crowds, plus Tues & Wed morning, the MVMCP Sun evening, and the morning of Fri or Sat without FP. So my question is with that much time in MK shouldn’t I do AK at the lowest crowds? Probably does mean missing Illuminations, but we are due to see all the other fireworks.

Not necessarily. If you rope drop the park and head straight to Safari then hit Everest single rider and FP Dino, Lion King and Kali (which I read is testing single rider now), then you’re solid. Everything else is a walk-on/in like the trails, the other shows, etc. This would work on a light or busy day. Maybe just make a personalized touring plan for the day/s in question with the hours/attractions that you are considering and see what the software says. PS. Illuminations is a must see for us and may be one of only two fireworks shows at WDW unless- fingers cross- Star Wars in DHS is extended past Sept 5. Yes, F! has fireworks in it but it’s nowhere near the same scale as Wishes and Illuminations and it’s more of a stage show