Which ADR is harder to get?

Our 180 days was last week and our Disney travel planner set up our ADRs online through our MDE. She was only able to secure about half of what we had planned. Apparently we are going at a super busy time without realizing it - early Nov when MK closes early 1 day for CM party and 2 other days later in the week for the MVMCP, also during Jersey Week and end of Food & Wine festival in Epcot (all of which I have learned after the fact!). This will be my first ever trip to Disney and the first for our daughters who will be 6, 4, and 2. We are doing the dining plan and have planned a bunch of character/princess meals due to their age and interest. I’ve been able to get almost everything we want except for CRT. I have the restaurant finder set up, but I want to have a game plan. We will only be at MK for 2 days, and I have a breakfast at BOG scheduled for the second day. If a breakfast at CRT comes up at the same time, is it wise to take that, being forced to cancel BOG breakfast, and hope to find a BOG breakfast for the other day? Or do CRT reservations come up more frequently? We are open to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at CRT - just trying to work around a 3:50 Bibbedi Bobbidi appointment on the second day (literally the only appointment she could get when she called at 180 days). We do have reservations for the 1900 Park Fare Happily Ever After Dinner Party on a different night, as well as Akershus, but eating in the castle would be the most amazing experience for my Cinderella-obsessed girls!! We’ve gone through many scenarios, even possibly postponing our trip, but it seems like with some work people have some success with snagging canceled reservations. I’m learning all of this as I go - as of last Wed I didn’t know any of the tips and tricks of ADRs. Apparently we did it all wrong, despite the fact that we have been planning for a long time and booked our resort in Jan!

You will see lots of availability for CRT between now & your trip! The reservation finder is amazing! If you click the link & it doesn’t work, try going to the website and manually searching. The link only works for the first person who clicks it.

If your girls are anything like mine, they will love all the princess & character meals! It saved us a lot of time in the parks because we had already tackled some of the most important meet & greets already.

We are going to be there the same time as you. A good touring plan will mean more than the crowd level. You didn’t do it all wrong. I think everyone here can attest to the fact that after each trip, you learn a few things that you’d like to switch up for your next trip :wink:

Happy planning!

I like to do princess meals as a brunch, lunch or dinner. I think I would feel rushed at breakfast because I would feel like I should be touring once the park was open and I wouldn’t want to rush the experience for DD.

Thank you so much for this encouraging message! We weren’t sure if we should postpone our trip in the hopes of getting the ADRs we really wanted and avoid the crowds. Glad to know the touring plan is most important! I know it may seem silly to postpone a trip because we can’t get CRT but this seems like such a magical age for my 4 & 6 y/o I would hate to miss the experience! :grinning:

Thank you, good point!

The reservation finder is your friend!

You can find it on your Touring Plans dashboard. Set one up for CRT for the range of dates of your stay.

Be aware the link in the text / email only works once so if you get one, log on and check if there’s a slot available. And you need to restart the finder each time you get a text.