Which 2014 Food and Wine Festival Event are you most looking forward to?

And you might have to float around the pool on Saturday for a few hours with Mini Magic while I judge the truck drivers. I know. Keep all snickering to yourselves.

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I am not going to do well with reminder boxes (see below)

Not trying to tempt, it’s probably more like a threat. Stay through the weekend. I have excess rooms being funded by work. We skip the pontoon ride and I get us all tickets to Party of the Senses on Saturday night. THIS is a good plan.

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OMG you are killing me. I only have a sitter for my daughter until the 18th. She is staying with my in-laws and they leave for vaca on the 19th.

How old is she? DS10 has always liked older ladies and he is a great date! I think he’s a looker but more importantly, he has charging privileges on his magic band. And it’s linked to Deluxe resort ressie - that’s $1500 a day of nothing but trouble and fun! We doing the Richard Petty ride along in the race cars this trip. Woo hoo - good times!

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She’s 10. And available.


And cute too


Hey I have a DD too thats avail. Lol

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She’s too young for Matthew. MagicMN can’t reply to this thread any more. Methinks she reached her limit.

Party for the Senses is amazing. Expensive, but amazing! I would do it again. We get the middle priced seating which worked well for us.


I would’ve liked to do the 3D desserts but it’s the same night I’ll be at MNSSHP… Dang. I think I’ll settle for the Sunday mornings…


When are you going?

I’ll be there October 2-8. For now… Lord knows how things go with adding extra days around here. L ol

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I am going to try the Parisian Breakfast. Someone said it was unlimited Mimosas last year. I’m in!

When will you be there @MagicMN? A few of us are looking at Oct. 2 for Air Supply.

ARGH!!! I am going Sept 15 - 23rd but I WANT Air Supply. So hard - this would be the moment I declare a solo trip. Which I would have to lie about because DS10 would be CRUSHED.

OK - no more talk of Air Supply until I have time to think…low crowds Sept. Air Supply Oct 2. Decisions, decisions.


You have been tempting everyone, so now we are tempting you! LOL


It looks like the majority of the special events will be over by the time I arrive for the last Saturday night and Sunday (all day) of the event. Only somewhat disappointed because it is a good excuse to save some money!

All I know for sure is I’ll be there- last year I had planned to do a mixology thing but my plans changed and I missed it- this year I’ll have kids in tow so it’s likely I’ll just do Air Supply with you fine folks and wander about the place :slight_smile:

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Parisian Breakfast!

Trying to reply to just one…

Hey Tom, is Air Supply playing Oct 4? So if I get Party For the Senses ticket, I get reserved seats for Air Supply?