Which 2014 Food and Wine Festival Event are you most looking forward to?


Me? Perhaps the 3D Dessert Discovery…


Defiantly Party for the Senses. Look forward to it all year.

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Air Supply because the 80’s were awesome!


@MagicMN you should go on a Sat you get VIP tix with Party for the Senses tix.

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2 words. Shrimp Tacos! (and Air Supply) BTW, have you guys tried editing, flagging or bookmarking posts yet?

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Yep I privately flagged you inappropriate

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Are ya’ll getting tired of my LIKE notifications yet? :wink:


Sure are. And knowing you, we will all be flagged before the end of the week…


Actually am really looking forward to the music too… Will get to see Air Supply, Starship, Sugar Ray and Fuel (who I haven’t seen since college)


Wait - I thought this was still pretend land where we were all safe.

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Are the parties every Saturday? I am more than happy to donate money in senseless excess to the Mouse. And I really like the dirty looks I get when I bring DS10 to these events. He was a huge hit sitting front row at Harambe Nights.

Yes every Saturday night during F&W

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I would look forward to F&W with @MDU but she is leaving on the 18th! And according to @Camsdad Party of the Senses on Saturday the 20th might be more fun than a pontoon cruise on the 17th.

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@MagicMN all the wine you can drink in about 2.5 hours and great food!!! It’s a blast.

Don’t temp me @MagicMN

@MDU seriously!!! It’s F&W!!!

Are you going home because you need to get back to work or because you are saving $ for the December 4th trip? You are going to Reunion, right? I will book, pay & give you a room at Yacht under my weird truck driving rodeo thing. They are “standard” but you’d be a hit on the water slide. I picture you and your Minnie Mouse ears walking around the lake pulling your roller bag with one hand, a frozen adult beverage in the other.

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