Which 2 bedroom villas at GF are dedicated?

I am trying to figure out which 2 bedroom villas at DVC GF are lock off and which are dedicated. When I look at Touring Plans select a room site, they are all described as what would be lock off. Am I reading this wrong? Also, where can I download an actual map of the rooms.

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Not sure where the dedicated 2-beds are, but there are equal numbers of dedicated and lock-offs. The dedicated will show 2 queen beds and just 1 pull-out sofa.

This is a good site with resort info but it doesn’t have individual room numbers.


Are you wanting a map of the resort showing room numbers? I’ll see what I can find.

OK I had another look at the room Finder. You’re right, the descriptions don’t look to be correct.

What I did was to look first for the standard 2-bed lock-offs, which you can see the 1-bed and neighbouring studios.

I then looked for the “2-beds” and the rooms highlighted are the same size as the lock-offs but in one solid block. But I believe searching for “2-bed” iis returning the dedicated rooms.

It’s the descriptions underneath that are wrong for each of them. Seems to be wrong throughout, which is definitely confusing. I think it’s a standard wording for both.

Going to tag @len here to see if the descriptions can be updated.

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On it. Thank you!

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When you go to the map on our GFV page you can set a filter to find the room type you’re looking for 2 bedrooms you can set a filter to just see the lock offs, or you can set “Lake view/2 bedroom” or “Standard View/2 bedroom” to see dedicated 2 bedroom rooms. Hope this helps.

Thank you!