Whet is this rivers of night thing?

I keep hearing/ reading about " rivers of light" and seeing ROL which I’m assuming is the same. I know it’s at animal kingdom , and it’s some kind of show, but what else. How long? How good? Where? Worth seeing? Dining packages?
Thanks for any info

ROL is the new night time show at AK. It combines fountains, water floats, projections, music, and some special effects. I’ve only seen it on video, but it looks spectacular (there are probably dozens of YouTube videos posted by now). I don’t have an exact timing, but it runs approximately 15 min. There are dining packages available at Tiffins and Tusker House. There are also FPPs. Word is, if you don’t have a DP or an FPP, you will have a hard time getting in without queuing up an hour or more in advance. Other than Pandora, it’s my number one “must do” for my next trip.

I think @bswan26 described it perfectly. If you are looking for a “Disney” show- this would not be one. It does not have any characters. To me, it is beautiful. I love it! It is about 15 minutes and I hope to see it again. The dining packages are a great way to see it.