Where's the "In Case You Missed It" blog post?

Wasn’t posted last week, and wasn’t posted this week, either. It’s my go-to mid-morning read on Fridays!

They often cycle through blog post offerings. Some inevitably go by the wayside. It was a good idea to have a weekly summary - hopefully it’s just on a brief hiatus!

I know what you mean. I’m used to 5+ blog articles per day, and it’s been 2 at the most the past week or so.

My guess, it’s all hands on deck for collecting LL data, finalizing the Lines app updates which will make LL suggestions, and working on updating the touring plans you create.


As long as I have been reading Touring Plans (we are talking at least 6-7 years) they have always had that weekly post. I know some regular posts get eliminated (like the monthly outlet report :cry: , but that was because eBay pirates have ruined the outlets), but the weekly wrap up is just too good. I read a lot of Disney stuff, but occasionally I do miss something during the week!

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That’s a good point. I know the Lines app will be including LL in a new update soon. Maybe once Apple and the Google stores approve it and the latest build gets to their servers, all will be back to normal (or at least as normal as normal is now).

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