Where's @brklinck (a Liner version of Where's Waldo)

Note the TP shirt!


You're at a big rock!! Don't lean too hard!

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Hmmm.... somewhere in the Rockies maybe? (pun intended)

Don't. Move. A muscle.

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And, dude? Do you own any other shirts? Every picture I've ever seen of you, you're wearing the scarlett T

Hey, I'm representing my homies!

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OK, a hint: think Downeast, Ayuh!

Earlier today:


OK, @MDU, how about this one? No TP shirt...

Okay, @MDU, you were already my hero, but posting a pic of Sisyphus just pushes your awesomeness over the top! And then we watch it roll back down the hill again, and then we push it to the top, and then it rolls back down, and then we... smile