Where will you chat on your phone?

This kind of sucks on my phone. Until it's optimized, will you go back to old chat on your phone? Try to figure this out? Or not chat at all?

I'll probably be on both at the same time smile I'm hoping they will convert this version to an app eventually!

Iphone is wonky.... Keeps moving around! Ipad seems ok for now!

I haven't used enough to make that call yet...will this use more data on my phone than social media sites like Facebook of Twitter? That is a concern for me!

I dont think it will use any more data than twitter or facebook, but since Lines Chat is text only, it will definitely use more data than that. We're exploring ways to bring the data usage down for mobile users.


Up in the air for now. I will wait and see how things play out.

Undecided right now. I have still been checking both for the time being. I am 90% mobile liner so having a hard time adjusting.

Those of you having trouble on your phones try opening in google instead. That fixed it for me.

If they don't bring down the data usage I won't be chatting anywhere. This "forum" is a total data hog. Yes, I can use my computer, but that's not what I use for Lines -- and I already spend enough time on it.

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My iPhone is constantly refreshing you can see the little thing at the top by the time constantly spinning. That can't be good hoping for an app.

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I rarely chat on my phone anyway. I was planning to use chat via phone during my upcoming trip. It sounds like because of data and formatting that I will use the forum only while at home on my laptop or in a wifi situation via iPad

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Agreed. I was trying to figure out how to refresh and then I realized it was constantly refreshing. Not great for my battery or my data. I've been on this forum for ten minutes and dropped 5% battery power.

I'm looking forward to the mobile optimization. For now, I'll only be able to access this on my laptop. Bye bye, work productivity!

I'm hoping it's fixed soon so I can see for myself if I'll use it.

I will chat in both places. I am not seeing huge data usage from my iphone but like the desktop interface a bit better. I do like desktop via chrome best.


I find this forum to be non-user friendly on my phone, I use it for 90+% of my internet use. Don't think I'll be using this much until it becomes more mobile-friendly.

I like the forum better on the PC (I have bad eyesight, so bigger is better), but I've been using it on my iPhone this morning. I'm trying trying to get used to it. I haven't had much trouble since I'm home on our wi-fi. Waiting to see what happens on 3G.

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I have also finally tried it via phone and I do feel it is better suited to PC access at this time. I don't have all of the options (reply, like, etc) via phone that I do via PC. Something worth considering.

I am just trying out forum on my phone now, read of the changes while at WDW so didn't explore over here till today. I am prob going to be reading & chatting on both, trying to make forum my new habit.

I was on PC today. Am on cell phone now, working fine on iphone 4s. Will probably stick to PC though as I can see running my battery down on cell.